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Australian Divorced, Separated and Single Mother Breaking News...

Family Court news

Divorce news 06 April 2014 | Court grants father right to vaccinate his children
A western Sydney father has won the right to vaccinate his children after a drawn-out legal battle with their mother, who is strongly opposed to immunisation. The Family Court rejected the mother's claims that the children, who will turn 14 and 12 this year, were at an increased risk of experiencing ''vaccine damage'' due in part to various allergies she believes they suffer from. Go to the news website...

Divorce news

Divorce news 01 April 2014 | Facebook, family, friends and fools - the four obstacles for divorcing couples
Given Australia's growing divorce rates, there is an alarming degree of public ignorance and misinformation about the property and asset split entitlements for separating couples Go to the news website...

Newstart news

27 March 2014 | Palmer goes in to bat for poor solo parents
FAIRFAX MP Clive Palmer has called for more equitable support for single parents saying Newstart allowances are no substitute for sole parent payments and were never designed to be. A Gillard government policy supported by the Coalition saw about 100,000 single parents pushed off the pension and on to general unemployment benefits when their youngest child turned eight years old. Go to the news website...

Domestic Violence news

Domestic Violence news 23 March 2014 | Father jailed for bashing partner granted access to daughter
A father who bashed his partner and held a samurai sword to their daughter's throat was still allowed weekly access to the child because a Family Court judge believed the terrifying domestic violence case did not constitute a ''change in the family dynamic''. Go to the news website...

Domestic Violence news

Domestic Violence news 23 March 2014 | Teen DV education program - Love Bites
The spirited debate in the clusters of small groups of 14, 15 and 16-year-old school kids who have just been shown the scenario in a DVD surges on, with some voices raised. Was the girl at fault, or the boy? Who was really to blame? Go to the news website...

Single mum blog

7 March 2014 | Motherhood 101: My Life as a Single Mother
I am a very involved mother. I never had a nanny and my son did not stay with a babysitter until he was able to talk, so he could tell me how it went. I have volunteered at all of his schools Go to the news website...

School children news

Family Law news 1 March 2014 | Parents who take kids out of school before holidays to catch cheaper rates to be targeted in absenteeism crackdown
Education bosses have given instructions to principals to investigate any student who misses classes for 10 days or more without a good reason. Principals have complained that their charges have been withdrawn from class to take trips to theme parks in Australia and overseas when they were legally required to be in class Go to the news website...

Domestic Violence News

Family Law news 18 February 2014 | Family Law Act must be changed make child safety the priority
WHEN it comes to family violence, there is a huge gap between the rhetoric and the reality. We all want women and their children to be safe from abuse, but at present the system is particularly stacked against the kids Go to the news website...

Public Housing News

Public Housing news 9 February 2014 | Airconditioning plea for public housing tenants
As the recent heatwave hit the Carlton North housing estate one elderly resident died and another used a fire hose to douse the building's scorching red bricks. John Kirkinis, 48, spent the week chasing airconditioning and played cards with a friend in the cool confines of Go to the news website...

Newstart Welfare News

Newstart welfare news 5 February 2014 | Newstart a bad end for solo mums, kids
SINGLE parents and their children have experienced a decline in nutrition and mental health, and incurred large levels of debt since being moved off the sole parent payment in January last year, according to a survey conducted by a new national parent advocacy group Go to the news website...

Centrelink Welfare News

5 February 2014 | Newstart single mums in distress: study
Some single mothers who were moved onto the Newstart allowance have been forced to skip meals and medical appointments for their children, a survey says Go to the news website...

Child Support News

28 January 2014 | Deadbeat parents refusing to pay child support have luxury items seized
Boats, property, cars and other luxury items worth up to $4 million were seized last year from 172 parents, who had claimed they could not afford to pay child support or just did not want to fork out the cash for their children Go to the news website...

Welfare Review News

23 January 2014 | Welfare review could recommend stricter conditions on pensions
Stricter conditions on carer pensions and single mother payments as well as changes to youth payments are being flagged as potential recommendations from the team reviewing Australia’s welfare system Go to the news website...

Australian Divorce News

10 January 2014 | Australia moves towards 50/50 divorce splits
The Family Court of Australia has just decided a divorce case which could lead to 50/50 splits of assets, over-ruling the status quo which recognised and rewarded a 'special contribution' by one partner Go to the news website...

Single Mum News

Single mum news 12 January 2014 | Single mothers are the heroines, not the villains
These are just some of the stories of women I am aware of who decided to have a child in difficult circumstances - even though it meant bearing the label ''single mother'', with all its alienation and stigma Go to the news website...

Single Parent Newstart News

Newstart news 31 December 2013 | Single Mums Newstart Campaign
FOR the first time, Sam Seymour faced something she never thought possible: she was forced to ask for a charity Christmas hamper to be able to feed her twin daughters on Christmas Day Go to the news website...

Divorce and Separation news

Divorce news 22 December 2013 | Split-ups: Single parents positive about kids, survey finds
Recently separated parents are overwhelmingly positive about their children's health and wellbeing but more ambivalent about their own lives, particularly their finances Go to the news website...

Family Court news

Family Court news 18 December 2013 | Family Court rejects request for girl, 4, to be returned to late mother's family in Australia
A FOUR-year-old girl who lost her mother to mesothelioma has been caught up in a bitter family struggle to raise her, pitting her maternal family against her only surviving parent. Go to the news website...

Tasmanian Aboriginal mum news

Aboriginal single mothers 4 December 2013 | Concerns Aboriginal children left vulnerable as more mothers go to prison
There are concerns in Tasmania about a growing number of indigenous women in the prison system. The Aboriginal community believes the cost of living is forcing more women to commit crimes, leaving their children vulnerable. Go to the news website...

Single Mothers By Choice

Single Mother By Choice 4 December 2013 | More Victorian women choosing to be single mothers
More Victorian women are choosing to have babies on their own rather than wait for the perfect life partner to come along. Go to the news website...

Australian Family Payments news

Child Custody news 3 December 2013 | Prime Minister Tony Abbott's plan to claw back $3 billion in family and welfare payments
READERS have reacted angrily to Abbott Government moves to claw back almost $3 billion in family and welfare payments under laws to tighten eligibility. Go to the news website...

Australian Family Court news

Child Custody news 20 November 2013 | Father loses court bid to keep kids in WA
Allowing two WA children to move to Britain with their homesick mother against their Perth-based father's wishes was "more likely" to be in their best interests, a Family Court judge found last week. Go to the news website...

Child Custody news

Custody news 19 November 2013 | Pregnancies earn woman better deal in defacto family law split
TWO short pregnancies were among the reasons a woman should get a larger property settlement from her millionaire former defacto, a judge has found. The first pregnancy ended in a heartbreaking miscarriage and the second was terminated on the insistence of her defacto partner, the Family Court heard Go to the news website...

Child Care rebates news

Child care rebates 18 November 2013 | Childcare inquiry to focus on support for nannies
Australia's system of childcare rebates and benefits has been singled out as perhaps the world's most complicated as an inquiry begins to investigate adopting a New Zealand scheme to support nannies Go to the news website...

Child Custody news

Custody battle 13 November 2013 | Judge rules for stepdad over grandmother in child custody battle
A LITTLE boy will be raised by the "only father he has ever known'' after a horrific head-on crash took the life of his mother on a notorious Queensland highway Go to the news website...

Family Court news

Domestic violence scheme 6 November 2013 | Cash-strapped Family Court means justice will be delayed
JUDGMENT delays in Australia's cash-strapped family court system have blown out further as judges move to tackle the rising number of cases involving family violence in Australia Go to the news website...

Family Court news

Domestic violence scheme 6 November 2013 | Jail for WA mum over false drug test
A MOTHER involved in a custody battle has been jailed for a year after convincing her daughter and a friend to falsify the results of a hair drug test she was required to submit to the Family Court Go to the news website...

Domestic Violence news

Domestic violence scheme 29 October 2013 | Using technology to empower domestic violence victims
Those living in regional centres can often face real challenges in seeking legal assistance to escape abusive marriages or to simply take out apprehended violence orders against dangerous partners. Now a pilot scheme is using internet-based video technology to provide much needed legal services for those in abusive relationships Go to the news website...

Divorce news

single mum story 21 October 2013 | Can you divorce without tears?
If you want to have a bit of fun at your husband's expense (and who doesn't?), leave a copy of Laura Wasser's new book It Doesn't Have to Be That Way: How to Divorce Without Destroying Your Family or Bankrupting Yourself on your coffee table - and wait Go to the news website...

Famous single mum children

single mum story 21 October 2013 | Here's to single-minded mums
THERE are few forces in nature as powerful and prevailing as the bond between mother and son. Washington Irving described it best when he said: "There is an enduring tenderness in the love of a mother to a son that transcends all other affections of the heart." Go to the news website...

Gay Single Parent news

gay divorce 16 October 2013 | Child rights queried in gay divorce
A Legislative Assembly committee has raised concerns about whether the ACT's proposed marriage equality law will include appropriate legal protections for the children of divorcing same-sex couples Go to the news website...

Child Support news

6 October 2013 | $22m in child support debt
DEADBEAT dads in Tasmania owe a massive $22.3 million in child support as of August 31 this year. The revelation has prompted Bass Liberal MHR Andrew Nikolic to lobby federal ministers for a review of the system Go to the news website...

Single Parent news

share parenting 23 September 2013 | Report card dispute with private Gold Coast school costs divorced dad $45,000
A FATHER who challenged a Gold Coast private school over a $250 bill for an extra copy of his daughter's report card has lost another court case and must now cough up $45,000 in legal costs Go to the news website...

Single Mum welfare

share parenting 27 September 2013 | Single mums priority in welfare overhaul
SIMPLIFIED income-support payments and a financial boost for single mothers will be considered as the Abbott government embarks on dramatic reform of the nation's welfare system Go to the news website...

Single Mum stigma

19 September 2013 | JK Rowling: Single Mums 'Face Stigmatisation'
JK Rowling has revealed she felt stigmatised as a single mother on benefits when she was writing her first Harry Potter novel Go to the news website...

50-50 shared custody news

share parenting 17 September 2013 | Fewer sparks in shared-care relationships
Separated parents who share the care of their children appear to be managing it far more amicably, with a marked decline in conflict between former partners and more people reporting friendly or co-operative relationships Go to the news website...

Basics card income management news

income management 14 September 2013 | Coalition to revive work for dole program
TONY Abbott's pledge to build an Australia of "lifters, not leaners'' will be given new life in the return of work-for-the-dole and new income management programs Go to the news website...

Single parent newstart news

election news 11 September 2013 | Financial losses for single parents dumped on to Newstart Allowance reaching $80 a week
NEW rates of welfare payments beginning this quarter demonstrate the growing divide between the dole and pensions, with the financial losses for single parents dumped on to Newstart Allowance now reaching $80 a week Go to the news website...

Single parent election news

election news 02 September 2013 | Rudd flags single mum welfare cut reversal
PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd will consider overturning benefit changes affecting single mothers if Labor wins the federal election and budget circumstances allow. The government has been under pressure from single mums in marginal seats to reverse the changes, which took effect in January Go to the news website...

Single parent election policies news

election news 02 September 2013 | PM plans to dump mums-on-dole plan
SINGLE mums could be returned to higher parenting payments if Kevin Rudd remains Prime Minister. Mr Rudd this morning indicated he would seek to overturn a decision by Julia Gillard to move single mums on to the dole "when the budget circumstances permit", but that it was a key priority Go to the news website...

Divorce superannuation news

divorce super news 31 August 2013 | The lowdown on divorce and super
According to the Australian Institute of Family Studies about 40% of marriages can be expected to end in divorce. Consequently, superannuation has become the next biggest asset to carve up after the family home Go to the news website...

Single parent pension news

family court news 29 August 2013 | Children want greater say in Family Court cases
Children in court cases involving family disputes are in danger of going unheard because they are rarely given the chance to speak to judges directly, new research shows Go to the news website...

Single parent pension news

Parenting Payment Single to Newstart 23 August 2013 | A single-minded struggle to get by
Around 65,000 single parents, mostly women, have been affected by cuts to the Parenting Payment. Michel was one of 65,000 single parents, mostly women, who were affected when the federal government scrapped the Parenting Payment for single parents with children aged eight and over in 2012 Go to the news website...

Step parent custody news

step mum wins custody 17 August 2013 | Court snubs biological parents and sends children to live with step-mother
A WA judge has ordered three children to live with their former stepmother after finding both of their natural parents were unfit to care for them Go to the news website...

Australian Family Court

Dating divorcees 15 August 2013 | Family court judges holding spouses who 'recklessly deplete assets' before divorce to account
RECKLESS post-separation spending sprees are reaching epic levels in Australia as angry spouses wage a legal war over multi-million-dollar property pools Go to the news website...

Single parent relationships

Dating divorcees 6 August 2013 | Dating after divorce
Regardless of whether you've had an amicable or tumultuous divorce, when you finally come out the other end single, the future can appear daunting Go to the news website...

Newstart political party policies

Election 2013 4 August 2013 | Rudd under pressure from single mums
THE Rudd government is under pressure from single mums in marginal seats to reverse welfare changes that have left many households struggling on $35 a day Go to the news website...

Baby formula recall

Karicare recall 2013 4 August 2013 | Botulism threat to infant milk formula
Several batches of the Karicare follow on forumala have been contaminated and are being recalled in New Zealand - call the Karicare 24 hour help line for more information: 1800 060 051 Go to the news website...

Newstart single parent news

Australian Newstart news 30 July 2013 | Single parents forced to move interstate after Labor's reforms to Parenting Payment system
MORE than 63,000 single parents have been stung by the government's reforms to the Parenting Payment system - forcing some mothers to move interstate to a bid to squeeze more value out of their payments Go to the news website...

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Most Recent Australian Single Parent Statistics...

There were 901,637 Australian single parent families with children under 15 in 2011


or, 743,000 were single mum families, or families "headed" by mothers

Source: 2011 Census

Percentage of Australian families with children aged under 15 headed by a single mother (*2008)


The Northern Territory has the highest rate of single parent families in the country (*2008)

*Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2008

Of the overall number of Divorces in Australia in *2009


(49,448) divorces that involved children under the age of 18yrs

*Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, December 2010

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What does it mean to be a single mum?Of course, the


are the most important thing in a single mum's life. Kids are the focus and always have been. But along with the children, there are other matters that can confuse a single mum's life.


plays a big part of a single mother's life, mainly because this is where a large percentage of single mums get their finances from. Centrelink are the source from where the

single mother pension

, or as it is otherwise known, the single parent payment comes from. The single mother pension is a subsistence amount, but just the same, it is money to live on, and so it is important, no matter if it is called single parent payment, single mother pension or whatever Centrelink welfare classes it at the time

Often, single mums come out of a


or defacto relationship only to find that their troubles have just begun, and find that their first step leads them towards Family Law - it's time to engage a lawyer.
There are more than just Centrelink finance problems to worry about, as mentioned before, but also

child custody

issues. Child custody is something that hits right at the heart of

single mums

. If a single mother's ex husband or ex partner has been a domestic violence perpetrator, the mum may be greatly worried about child custody. They worry that their kids won't be safe with their spouse, who has already proven to be abusive because they caused

domestic violence

, which resulted in a divorce or separation.

Even so,

Family Court

will often still order a form of child custody named

Shared Parenting

. Shared Parenting is a form of child custody division of time or parental responsibility between the parents. Mother's often look for a good divorce lawyer to try to avoid share parenting with an abusive ex-spouse after divorce, however in many cases Shared Parenting is still the outcome after the divorce, no matter how good the divorce lawyers have been. They will often settle for visitation at a contact centre or access centre where fathers or mothers are supervised during child custody access.

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