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SingleMum.com.au Newsletter | May 2011

What's the Goss at Single Mum Australia?

Greetings, fellow single mummies! It's almost winter, and change is in the air...there's going to be some long-overdue changes at SingleMum.com.au and the SingleMotherForum.com too, with both websites shortly enjoying a much-needed make-over! But never fear, all of our regular sections will still be there - just a whole lot purr-ti-er we hope! You should start to see some changes happening in the coming weeks...

Single Mother Forum hits 1000 members let's celebrate!

On May Day the single mother forum hit a new milestone - an amazing 1000 members! Go to the Movie Quote competition page!To mark the occasion, we've decided to celebrate with a new single mum competition. All you need to do to be in the running is go to our Single Mother Forum Facebook Page, "Like" us (if you haven't already) and post your favourite movie quote. You can enter as many times as you like, and the six best quotes that get the most "Likes" will win a double pass to the fabulous new Australian movie "Here I Am"! You can read more about the Movie Quote competition here...

New Expert Panel Members - when only the best will do!

Last month we welcomed two exciting additions to our new SingleMum Expert Panel...

Stephen Page, new SingleMum panel member A valuable Expert Panel addition, celebrity lawyer Stephen Page is a Family Law specialist and partner at Harrington Family Lawyers. Stephen has made numerous appearances on TV and radio, and is the author of the ever-popular Australian Divorce Blog. You can read his first article for SingleMum, Government Acts On Domestic Violence, and his first Expert Panel Question and Answer Can we divorce before our property settlement? here.

Charles Pragnell, new SingleMum panel member

We were also delighted to welcome to the SingleMum Expert Panel that famous child and family advocate, Charles Pragnell. Charles is an independent Expert Defence Witness for Child Protection and has given evidence to courts in England, Scotland, and New Zealand. Since 1990 he has acted as an advocate/representative for children and families in child protection matters and other proceedings involving various state agencies. Charles has almost forty years of experience working directly with children and young people as a social worker and senior manager of social services.

PAS article Parental Alienation Syndrome - does it exist?
When children reject a parent
If there are situations where a parent may seek to persuade or coerce a child into rejecting the other parent, then clear and convincing evidence of that should be presented to the Court, with corroborative evidence of course. With the right of rebuttal on the basis that such rejection was self-induced. Such behaviour by a parent is far from being a mental illness read more...

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