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SingleMum.com.au Newsletter - October 2009 / Issue 3

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Phew - well, our Outback Adventure trip is over. I'm happy to report that despite all of my "how am I going to manage?" worries at the outset, it ended up a great success. The kids had a ball - as did Mummy! Have you been thinking of your own adventure with the kids? - you may be able to pick up some travelling tips you didn't know by reading my holiday blog here on the Outback Adventure blog page

Meanwhile, the presses have been running hot - it's been difficult to keep up with the streams of single-mother related stories at SingleMum.com.au - from issues such as shared parenting court decision disasters like Boy, 3, has alternate months in Dubai Happy mum and bub to Single mothers 'defy evolution' says Professor Sarah Blaffer Hrdy. Are you missing important single mum stories? To get more frequent news updates as they come in, follow us on Facebook and Twitter

The SingleMum Forum has been a hive of activity, and of course holds the results of last months Poll, Are Your Kids Happy With Current Court-Ruled Custody? - with the 78% landslide of single mothers worryingly voting that their children "are very unhappy, but have no choice". You can see the full results here. And while you're there, don't forget to cast your vote in this months new Poll Were CSA formula changes in 2008 an improvement?

Well, that's enough from me - I'd better get back to work, and day-dream of my next holiday! As always, if there is something you think we're missing, or you'd like to see on SingleMum, let us know. Here is a round-up of the most popular and controversial stories and forum posts from last month - enjoy!

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