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SingleMum.com.au Newsletter - September 2009 / Issue 2

What's the Goss at SingleMum?
From SingleMum's Desk...

Yay, it's finally Spring - and with the Spring comes itchy feet, so I'm grabbing the family and heading off on our very own adventure. But never fear, I'm not abandoning SingleMum.com.au - actually, I'm taking you all with me! I'll be packing the trusty laptop and blogging about the trip as we go - you can follow the blogs, and even send me a message here

Well August was a very busy month at SingleMum.com.au, with so many Single Mum news articles to be found - from issues such as Single Mothers afraid to seek welfare Happy Single Mum & Bub to woman getting an unfair deal in the workplace, to the problem with second marriages. Are you missing out? To keep up-to-the-moment, don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive our daily news reminders

The SingleMum Forum has been bursting with opinions, and of course holds the results of the August Poll, The One - with 45% of the vote restoring our faith in romance, single mums voted for true-love still being out there - somewhere! You can see the full results here. And while you're there, don't forget to cast your vote in this months new Poll Are Your Kids Happy With Current Court-Ordered Custody?

As always, if there is something you think we're missing, or you'd like to see on SingleMum, let us know.

Well that's enough from me - here are some of the picks of the most popular and controversial stories and forum posts from last month - enjoy!

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