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5 Fun Mini-Golf Spots Around Perth

Ali Wentworth | 18 January 2014

Mini golf - stock photo

If you're looking for a fun family activity in Perth...

then you can't go past a mini-golf range!

If you're looking for a fun family activity to enjoy on your next holiday to the Perth region, then you can't go past a few hours spent at a mini-golf range. Kids from a young age can enjoy trying their hand at this pursuit and parents and teenagers can have fun competing on shots or just enjoying the merriment of the locations. If you're getting ready to choose a hotel in Perth and are looking for some entertaining courses to try out, then read on for five of the best options around the capital city.

The Maze Family Fun Park

Located in the outer suburb of Bullsbrook (around 45 minutes from the CBD) The Maze Family Fun Park is the self-proclaimed "funnest family day out" in the region. The venue is home to nine holes of mini-golf that incorporate twists, turns and various obstacles for players to overcome. The mini-golf course is set in a shady landscaped garden setting and is suitable for children from a young age. While visiting the Fun Park families can also enjoy myriad other activities. Kids will love challenging themselves in the variety of mazes or by playing a game of garden chess. There is also a massive new waterslide playground (one of the largest in Australia), a giant jumping pillow, a native bird aviary, a multi-level children's climbing and play structure, and an animal enclosure. Once all the fun has been had families can enjoy some rest time with a picnic under the shady trees around the property by purchasing meals from the on-site cafe.

Oasis Supa Golf and Adventure Putt Miniature Golf

Located in the Swan Valley outside of Perth, the Oasis venue was created as a means of bringing a quality course with a difference to the region. The Adventure Putt mini-golf course is based on the Adventure Golf design (essentially a normal golf course scaled down to a miniature size). The mini-golf course at Oasis is set amongst serene gardens and plentiful water features and utilises many earthy materials and colours to help create an even more calming atmosphere. The course features 18 holes that have bunkers, streams and water traps and is set on one acre of land. It is perfect for children from the age of two years and up and takes around one hour to complete. In addition to the mini-golf course, the Oasis is home to one of the world's first 18-hole Supa Golf courses. Supa Golf is a modified form of golf where the clubs used have oversized heads and are made of plastic; the ball is soft, oversized and made of rubber; and the putting cup size is approximately 2.5 times larger than in traditional golf. This course is easier to play than standard golf and as a result is suitable for children aged six years and up.

Wanneroo Botanical Gardens and Botanic Golf

Located in the suburb of Wanneroo (about 25 minutes from the city), this is another mini-golf course that is a pleasure for the senses. Set in a tropical botanical garden and providing two courses for patrons to play on, the venue is perfect for a family day out. The Botanic Golf course covers five acres of gardens and takes around 1.5 hours to complete at a leisurely pace. Visitors can also enjoy a game of night mini-golf in the summer months, or some time out at the on-site cafe.

Abingdon Miniature Village and Mini-Golf

Situated in Barragup, south of Mandurah, the Abingdon Miniature Village and Mini-Golf site is well worth a visit. Children of all ages can have fun playing on the 12-hole mini-golf course that is relatively small but perfect for younger children. After the game families can also take some time to explore the displays in the Miniature Village, challenge themselves in the various mazes, wander the beautiful gardens and relax in the on-site tea room.

King Carnival

King Carnival is one of the oldest amusement venues in Western Australia and is located on the Mandurah Estuary. The on-site 18-hole mini-golf course is rated as one of the top five in the country and is surrounded by a plethora of greenery, streams, a waterfall and a pond. Visitors to King Carnival can also be entertained on the variety of rides such as the Ferris wheel, carousel, dodgem cars, mini-quad bikes, trains and a slide.

About the Author: Ali Wentworth is a Perth-based travel writer and parent who loves exploring the latest and greatest child-friendly venues around Australia with her family.

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Family Court

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