How to Choose the Best Sunnies for Travelling: Kids & Adults

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How to Choose the Best Sunnies for Travelling: Kids & Adults

VisionDirectAU | 15 July 2017


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All you need to know

about choosing travel sunglasses

When buying sunnies for travelling with we should focus on protecting our eyes from the effects of the sun’s harmful UV and UVB rays. Many of us choose holiday destinations that are filled with sunshine and warmth with the former increasing our exposure to these harmful rays. Protecting your children’s eyes from a young age is just as important as protecting your own eyes.

The UV rating system is ranked from 0 (lets in about 80% – 100% of UV light) making them a poor choice for protecting your vision. To 4 (lets in around 3% – 4% of UV light), which makes them an ideal choice for extreme conditions like ocean fishing, mountaineering and sailing. It’s recommended that we choose lenses that have a rating of 3 (lets in 8% – 18% of UV light) as these are the best for all around wear like lying by the pool or exploring a sunny city.

Another important thing to take note of when picking sunglasses, is whether or not the lenses are polarized. It does make the overall cost a little higher, but it is an investment worth making, as polarized lenses reduce the effects glare off of reflective surfaces like sand, water or snow. Making them a valuable long-term investment for your eye health and for your children’s eyes.


Travel sunglasses - Source: VisionDirectAU

When choosing sunglasses it can be easy to get caught up in how they look, and ignore how comfortable they might be for long periods. A common mistake that we’ve all probably made when buying a pair of sunglasses, is picking a pair of frames that are heavy or bulky. This extra weight can lead to headaches that can ruin a relaxing holiday.

We would recommend that you choose a lightweight pair of frames that will be comfortable for hours on end. If you are having to choose sunglasses for kids then this is an absolutely essential requirement, we all know that little ones can be fussy when it comes to their comfort. If the sunglasses are lightweight and therefore comfortable then they might be more inclined to wear them for longer periods.

If you plan on doing more than lying by the pool all day we suggest that you choose a pair of frames that is made from a high quality plastic as it will survive a few hard knocks and be a little more durable. This is an especially good tip when choosing sunglasses for your kids, plastic will be more likely to survive some careless handling.


Travel sunglasses - Source: VisionDirectAU


Our Top Tips for Choosing Sunglasses for Travel:

  • UV Protection: look for sunnies which have a high UV protection rating and block both UV and UVB rays. It’s recommended to choose lenses which have a rating of 3, as they are best for everyday use and sports
  • Polarized Lenses: spending a little extra on this is a great investment, as reducing harsh glares protects your eyes in the long run
  • Lightweight: look for acetate or plastic frames that are not bulky, as this will ensure they are lightweight
  • Comfortable: do you think that you could wear these for long periods of time without feeling uncomfortable?
  • Sturdy: plastic and acetate frames will be able to handle a little careless handling so will last longer especially important for kids or those who are active.
  • Prescription: if you or your child needs prescription lenses check that the frames you or they like can be ordered and purchased with the correct prescription. It’s also important to ensure that the prescription is up to date.

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