Is it possible to balance kids, work & a love life?

Is it possible to balance kids, work and a love life?

Guest article | 02 November 2012


Between keeping your kids happy and doing the best you can at work

squeezing in time for your love life can feel almost impossible…

As any single parent will tell you, life today is best described as a balancing act. Between keeping your kids happy and doing the best you can at work, squeezing in time for your love life can feel almost impossible. So the question is, do we ever manage to get the balancing act right?

With this in mind here’s a look at some of the challenges that many single parents face as they try to negotiate their family life, their career and the challenges of a new relationship.

Parenting and a career – how far have we come?

Balancing your home life and your professional career is a contentious topic that’s constantly being debated in modern life. Maternity and paternity leave are two subjects that are regularly discussed in the media and television programs are always addressing how to achieve that coveted-work life balance.

Yet away from politics and the media, striving for happiness in your career and your family life is a very personal issue. Anyone who has left the office for a sick toddler or a misbehaving teen will know just how challenging it is trying to keep on top of these very different sides our life.

Getting back on the dating scene

Whether you’re a single parent following a divorce or bereavement, getting back into dating can feel like a challenge. It’s important to give it plenty of thought and to guarantee that you’re completely ready to meet someone new. By getting involved with someone too soon, it’s unfair on yourself, your new partner and of course your children.

Parent teacher interviews and board meetings:
finding a new social circle

It’s not uncommon for single parents to feel like they’re constantly moving in the same old social circles. Between attending school functions and working overtime, there aren’t a lot of opportunities available to meet new people.

To make it worse, most single parents aren’t rolling in spare time, making it tricky to hang out in bars or go on blind dates. Not to mention that most single parents will feel pretty uncomfortable about these ‘traditional’ methods of meeting new people!

Striking a balance

One really popular way for single parents to meet new people is via online dating, whether you’re from Canberra or Sandy Gully. Sitting in traffic, hectic schedules, netball tryouts and preparing dinner are just some of the tasks that will zap time out of any single parent’s day.

Chances are you might only have a few spare minutes left for yourself, and not nearly enough time to get ready and go out for dinner.

Yet with online dating you can spend as much or as little time as you like getting to know potential partners. The best thing about sites such as is that they specialise in matching you with compatible personalities, which means you’ll only be talking to people who appreciate just how hectic single parenting can be.

After all this might just be the hidden key to striking a balance between work, family and dating – finding someone understanding and compatible with your lifestyle.

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