Kids Party Ideas for Creepy Critters

Halloween party with children having fun in fancy costumes

Kids Party Ideas for Creepy Critters

Drax4Kids | 25 October 2014

Halloween party with children having fun in fancy costumes

Is your little monster more into dungeons than Dora the Explorer?

Is your little monster more into dungeons than Dora the Explorer? Rather talk coffins than candy? Don’t be worried….yet. Your kid’s probably just one of many ankle biters with a taste for the slightly stranger things in life. Whether that’s donning a Dracula costume or putting together an amateur magic show, there’s nothing wrong with a kid who has some interesting hobbies.

The good news is that you can make sure your rug rat has a birthday experience that’s right in line with their love of all things left of centre. Kids’ party ideas are all the rage, and Halloween and horror themes have been around for forever and a day. Here are some sure-fire ways to rustle up a few (harmless) scares for your little rascal’s next birthday party.


Start your theme off with a bang by sending out some rather horrifying invitations. There’s a million ways you could take this; the internet is already rife with (fake) severed fingers and blood-splattered invites, but some of these may be a little too unsavoury for the delicate kiddies (and their parents.) If you’d rather not risk an angry phone call, you really can’t go wrong with some orange or purple printing paper and the weirdest font you can find lurking in the depths of Microsoft Word. Even peruse through clip art and go to town on that bad boy. We’re sure you’ll find all sorts of weird stuff there.


Creating the right atmosphere is the name of the game. It’s time to crack out the old fake cobwebs, and if you’re doing streamers, stick to orange and black, purple and black, or green and black. Do you see a theme emerging? You can also make a pretty mean ceiling spider out of two black paper lanterns, streamers and the right kind of hot glue. Likewise, a convincing ghost can be fashioned out of a hatstand, a bike helmet and a white sheet. Grab a couple of your kids’ stuffed animals and wrap them in toilet paper for mummies. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just a little bit creative.


If there’s anything the pint-sized guests care about at kids parties, it’s the quality of the grub they’re being served. You can scare-ify almost every different type of party treat with a few choice adornments. Tie tissues around lollipops and add googly eyes to make little ghosts, or try simple jellies with party snakes “crawling” out of the sides. You can also take a round scoop of icecream, stick a blue or green M&M in the middle and drizzle it with strawberry syrup for bloody eye balls. In fact, if you want to go really gross just remember that strawberry syrup and red food dye are your friends.

Kids’ birthday party ideas are simpler than they may appear, even when your offspring enthuses about the slightly weird and wonderful. All that’s left for you to do is to go along for the ride and possibly clean up the fake blood afterwards.

Fresh out of cobwebs and candyfloss? Take a look at our kids birthday party shows and let the vampires from Dracula’s keep the kids entertained for you.

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