Save Money by Purchasing Second Hand


Save Money by Purchasing Second Hand

Quicksales | 29 October 2013


Save Money by Purchasing Second Hand

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Welcoming a new baby is a precious moment in any single parents’ life. However, with the many items parents will need to buy, not just for their beautiful bub, but for themselves, their vehicles and their homes, it can sometimes be an expensive and financially trying time as well; particularly if purchasing all these items brand new.

Fortunately, there are certain items which parents can buy second hand, which can save them a bundle, on their bundle of joy! Local thrift shops are great for maternity wear, car boot sales for baby and kids’ furniture, and garage sales for children’s clothing and toys. However if you want to be able to view and purchase an abundance of pre-loved items, all while enjoying the comforts of your own home, then shopping at an online auction and classifieds websites is a great option.

Quicksales is one such website aimed at providing an online marketplace which makes it easy for parents to buy and sell second hand items. This Australian online auctions and classifieds website has an abundance of categories including Baby Care, Maternity Wear, and Kids Clothing – perfect for a family looking to purchase affordable second hand items.

As one of the largest providers of second hand items under one digital roof, Quicksales not only provides parents with affordable second hand options, but also gives advice and tips on buying second hand baby and child products and maternity wear, through their blog articles.

There are certain bub and mum products you will want to purchase brand new, such as bathroom and feeding products; however there are certain high cost items which can save you a fortune if purchased second hand. These include: Prams, cots, car seats, nursery decorations and certain maternity and baby clothing items. Let’s take a look at why these items are best purchased second hand:

Maternity Clothes

At a certain stage in your pregnancy, you won’t fit into your regular clothes anymore (no matter how hard you try!) This is why you’ll need to purchase at least some maternity-specific clothing items. However, the cost of these items new vs. the short period of time you’ll be wearing them, does not make for a sound investment. Luckily, used, stylish maternity clothes are easily available online, and because they are only short-wear items, many of these have only been worn a few times and are usually still in very good condition.


A decent pram is usually a high cost item, and unfortunately not all families have the budget to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a new one; this is where a “good as new” pram is a great option. Keep in mind though when purchasing a pre-loved pram that you check it meets Australian safety standards, and is in good working condition.


Babies grow so quickly; one minute they’re you’re precious little bundle of joy, the next they have turned into “little people”. Buying a second hand cot is a great way to save money, as your child will outgrow it in just a few short years. As with maternity clothes, many second hand cots are still in excellent condition – the only way you’ll be able to tell the difference between a new and used one is all the extra money you’ll have in your wallet! If possible, have a look at the cot before buying to ensure it is safe for your little one, and also includes all the nuts and bolts needed.

Car Seats

Some safety experts may advise against buying this item second hand, but it won’t be a problem granted you check that the product meets the Australian safety standards for child restraints. Your child’s safety is paramount so make sure you research the Australian standards before making any purchase. Just as an example of how much you can save by purchasing car seats second hand; Quicksales currently has listed a second hand Safe & Sound Baby Car Seat for $45; these items generally retail at a starting price of $170.

Baby Clothes

Bubs outgrow their clothes faster than they do anything else. In fact, most newborns double in height and triple their birth weight within a year – this means buying new clothing is a constant throughout their childhood. Spending just $100 on an online classifieds website like Quicksales can go far to buying your child a new wardrobe. Want to get an even better deal? Buying in bulk lots can save you even more!

The goal at Quicksales was to create a local marketplace which provided Australians with a platform to easily sell their unwanted items, and to give their buyers a safe online shopping experience. This is something that Quicksales has now achieved; with nearly 2 million new and second hand items for sale, parents can buy and sell online easily, safely and affordably

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