Things to Look for When Buying your Baby Products


Things to Look for When Buying your Baby Products

Dorel | 29 October 2013


What things do you consider

…when buying products for your baby?

Dorel Gives Some Tips on What to Look for in the Products you Buy for Your Bubs…

What things do you consider when buying products for your baby? Are you after the quality of the item regardless of the brand, or are you a brand devotee? These days with an abundance of not only bricks and mortar, but also online baby stores, parents are inundated with a variety of products options, which can sometimes lead to confusion regarding which one is right for their baby or toddler.

Dorel is an established, trusted supplier of high quality baby products in Australia. Their brands include Quinny, Schwinn, Mothers Choice, Maxi-Cosi and Safety1st; and their product range includes car seats, strollers, nursery furniture, high chairs, toys and more. They have been designing, manufacturing and distributing world-class nursery products for more than 39 years, and are passionate about producing innovative products which are safe for your baby. They have given Single Mum some tips on what to look for in a handful of important baby products:

Car Seats

Finding a suitable, safe car seat is an extremely important task for a new parent. It reaches beyond favouring a brand, although some brands are better-known for their safety standards. A study by Monash University showed that one in four car accidents are side impact; which are the most dangerous for babies in car seats. This is why choosing a car seat which incorporates air protect side technology is essential. New Australian and New Zealand safety standards for child restraints are now based on height and age, as opposed to weight, which it was previously. Due to these new standards, Dorel introduced height markers on their car seats, which makes it easy to ensure you are buying the right car seat for your bubs age and height. Regardless of where you purchase your child’s car seat, ensure you buy one which meets these new safety standards, and not the old ones.


Stability is the number one thing you should look for in a stroller. You’ll want something sturdy that can withhold the weight of both your baby and a few other necessary items such as a nappy bag or handbag. Like any product with wheels, you’ll also want to ensure it runs smoothly and is easy to manoeuvre. An easy way to test both of the above is to load your bub, bags and all into the prospective stroller and take it for a good 10 minute test stroll around the store; try going round a few corners if possible, as well as into any tight spots. Another important thing to test before purchasing is how easily it folds. Remember, the majority of the time you’ll need to fold it, you’ll be on your own, or with a baby in hand or on hip, so it’s important it folds and unfolds easily. Strollers are high-cost items, so if money is an issue – which it is for plenty of single parents out there – Baby Value, sells outdated Dorel stock at very reasonable prices. This is one way to ensure you are cutting corners on cost, but not on quality.

Cots and Beds

Many babies and toddlers can injure themselves in their sleeping enclosures if these are not suitable or properly set up; in fact cots cause more injuries than any other item in your baby’s room. An important thing to remember when purchasing a cot is to buy one with slats that your bub can’t fit their head through. The Australian Product Safety website lists this as no open space more than 95mm, or between 30 and 50mm. Whichever bed, cot or crib you buy for your little bundle, ensure it states whether it DOES or DOES NOT meet the mandatory safety standard – this is a legal requirement for all sellers of cots and beds.

Dorel recommends you follow these tips to ensure you’re getting a top quality item which is safe for use and meets the highest of safety standards; at Dorel Australia, plenty of technical, design and development research, as well as quality control go into the development of their items to ensure this.

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