We can beat violence or ourselves

We can beat violence or ourselves

We can beat violence or ourselves

Mairna Hermiz | Platinum Lawyers | 24 August 2018

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When you’re a lawyer, you see a lot of violence

A lot of anger, a lot of pain…

When you’re a lawyer, you see a lot of violence. A lot of anger, a lot of pain. In my experience as a lawyer, I’ve noticed two things at play when domestic violence occurs – alcohol or divorce.

Violence achieves less than we believe it does

As a lawyer whose seen dozens of domestic violence cases, I can testify to this fact. Violence does not achieve any one’s objective and certainly not that of its perpetrator.

It is by far, the least effective way to settle a dispute.

When we are violent, what we have reached is the end of our patience

In moments like these, it can pay to take time-out, to breathe or to let someone else handle dispute negotiations for you.

Lawyers are often seen to be opportunistic when it comes to domestic violence. While this may hold true in television shows, it does not hold true in real life.

We are fairly ordinary people, who lead fairly ordinary lives- we are aware of the horrors that both violence and divorce can inflict on the various people, including children, undergoing them.

Rather than perpetuate the issue, we would like to see it resolved. It gives us NO pleasure at all to deal with cases of domestic violence. It is something we would like to see – END. Period.

The way to end violence is to understand it

It is hard to understand any person or situation while you harbour anger against them. So, as the first step, trained psychologists recommend professional help in understanding your anger and getting to grips with it. This is a recommended step for both men and women.

Often, we attribute anger to the wrong source

When we react very quickly to an event, we can misjudge it. An innocent person can be hurt, in the process. These reactions are what we call impulsive- they are quick, they are triggered and we make them without thinking about the possible repercussions they can have.

Domestic violence is a key issue in Australia today

According to a report published by the New South Wales Government, the number of domestic violence cases increases by 1.5%, per year, on average.

In 2015 alone, Police responded to 146,803 cases of domestic violence and abuse. Domestic violence among people of Aboriginal descent is 5.5 times higher the national average.

Where the roots of domestic violence are – in childhood

Most cases of domestic violence can be traced back to an issue of respect. Violence makes an entrance when respect takes a backseat or makes an exit.

Understanding the importance of RESPECT – both giving and receiving it – are key to understanding domestic violence and putting a firm and determined end to it.

Violence is never ok – no matter how much we feel someone deserves it!

Mairna Hermiz is a Graduate of Bachelor of Laws and expert in Family Law matters at Platinum Lawyers. Platinum Lawyers specialises in all areas of Family Law and have obtained successful outcomes in matters such as recovery of child/children, sole parental responsibility and property settlements. We aim to achieve outcomes within the best interests of our clients and their child/children during their problematic Family Law proceedings.

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