New Australian single parent t-shirts & gift ideas!

Single parent gifts

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Take a look at our new range of gorgeously styled (and sometimes hilarious!) single parent t-shirts and gifts!

Single mum & daughter gift
Single mum and daughter gift

We are excited to announce that we now feature a new range of single mum and dad gear on the Australian online T-shirt Wombat shop.

Our new  single mum and single dad t-shirt and gift styles are specially designed to support single mum and dads celebrate the amazing single parent they are – because they absolutely deserve it!

Single parent gift mug
Single parent Ninja mug

Some designs are just built to be able to have a laugh about being a single parent – and that’s okay too!

Single mums & dads are super heroes

Single parent Ninja Hoodie
Single parent Ninja Hoodie

You slave away every day for your family – working, cooking, cleaning, laundry, driving, managing bills – the list is never-ending. On top of all that, you are supposed to somehow magically find time to look after yourself – “me time” – into the bargain – your health is important too!

Single dad gift - single parent hoodie
Single dad gift – single parent hoodie

You absolute deserve to “own” your single parent status, and these new t-shirts, hoodies and other gifts are a brilliant way to show your pride and love in your family status – because single mums and dads ROCK!

Single parent gifts to say thanks

If you have a single parent friend you would like to show appreciation for, then buying them a single parent t-shirt or fun mug is a great way to say Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday – or just thanks for being you!

Bravest mum ever tshirt
Bravest mum ever t-shirt

Maybe you’re a single mum’s child who wants to give a gift that is a bit more meaningful than most – to tell mum you appreciate all the sacrifices she’s made over the years – or even escaped a domestic violence situation to keep her kids safe from harm.

Whatever the reason, single parents often do it tough, and a beautiful, supportive gift is never wasted on them.

See the new single parent t-shirt range at T-Shirt Wombat

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