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Single parent?

Compare Health Insurance & Energy & give you extra cash back! &…

…want to share $100 with you!

If you’re on the look-out for the cheapest health fund or energy provider around that will suit your single parent family needs, then we think we’ve found the answer!

BetterBills regularly save families hundreds on their health insurance & energy bills by comparing the market to find them a better deal.

Not only are they totally transparent about their sales commission, BetterBills will give you half of anything they make when you use their free service.

Instead of paying for expensive TV ad’s, BetterBills has offered $100 for everyone in our community who purchases health insurance (& $40 for energy) with them. In support of our single parent community, we have decided to share our sales commission with you too!

To start saving money now and get your share go to
What does this mean for you?
If can find you a better deal on, then you will get paid twice!

First, BetterBills will pay you around $200 on the average single parent policy (energy $50). will top that up with another $50 ($20 energy) if you use this link.

You could get up to $525 cash back simply by switching health and energy providers. And that doesn’t include the savings you can make on your bills. One mum recently saved $1300 on her families health insurance bill alone!

To start saving money now go to

Too good to be true? This is what BetterBills has to say…
From a very young age, we teach our kids to share. But its funny how that doesn’t translate into the commercial world where those lessons are lost and businesses are generally greedier than ever.

At we decided these lessons were valuable and have built our philosophy on sharing. When you compare your health insurance or energy on, we share half of any commission we receive with you.

That’s right, compare against the widest range of health funds, get the best price……and then share in the profits. For a Single Parent policy the cash back shared is typically around $200. And you can share in another $40 if you change your energy plan as well.

PLUS we don’t spend lots of money on advertising like other businesses, we rely on our customers word of mouth. That’s why we’ve set up an arrangement with which will give you another $50 cash. For every health insurance policy referred from we’ll give them $100 which they’ve agreed to share with you 50:50. We love it, keeping in the spirit of those long lost lessons!

Its not a bad little earner considering you’re also going to save on your health insurance premium and/or energy plan too. All up, that’s a lot of extra cash back in your pocket and I’m sure you’ve got plenty of ideas on how to spend it! Maybe you’ll share it with your kids!

We would love to know what you think? Have you used to find a better deal yet?

For full details on funds and companies covered in the comparison tool, please see the website