Kissing Frogs by Andee Jones

Kissing Frogs by Andee Jones
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Kissing Frogs
by Andee Jones

Finch Publishing

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“A psychologist goes looking for love online – and finds trouble!”

Kissing Frogs is both a memoir, and a witty and insightful tour of the online dating scene. This is the middle-aged single gals guide to dating a-la-cyberspace, packed with enlightening observations from both Andee the psychologist, and Andee the ever-hopeful romantic.

Her account of the online dating circus is refreshingly honest – the endless trawling through profiles, the inevitable blind-dates resulting in the Mr-Wrongs and the thought-he-was Mr-Rights – and the experience of the online-dating rejection.

For those of us who have already ventured into the online dating world, you may find yourself nodding along with the familiarity of it all – and for those that haven’t, Andee offers an honest account of the whole process that may help you make a more informed choice on whether or not it really is worth going there.

As you read, you will find yourself willing our real-life internet-warrior-heroine to find her true prince charming within the pool full of online-dating frogs – so, does she? The tantalising ending will have you scrambling to find out when the next book is coming out…

Kissing Frogs by Andee Jones is priced at $24.95, and available online from Booktopia.


About the Author

Andee Jones is a Melbourne-based psychologist, writer, and former academic. Kissing Frogs is her first memoir.


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