Amy and the Wilpena Flood – Australian Girl Doll Books

Amy and the Wilpena Flood - Australian Girl Doll Books

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Children’s book review

Amy and the Wilpena Flood

By Claudia Bouma

Amy and the Wilpena Flood is the much-anticipated second book in the great Australian Girl doll and book series.Amy is a true-blue Australian girl who lives in Adelaide. When her four best friends come for a visit they discover what looks like a Treasure Map of South Australia. With the help of the mystical rainbow necklace, the girls are transported back in time to Wilpena Pound in the 1900s! There, the girls meet local girl Jessie Hill, and what follows is an exciting adventure that sees them banding together to try and save Jessie and her family from a dangerous flood – can they convince Jessie’s parents to believe their story, and emerge from the inundating flood waters before disaster strikes?!

This refreshingly Aussie children’s book is a fun read for the 8-10 year old age range, and one that Australian children will be able to easily relate to thanks to the distinctly Aussie characters and situations. Featuring brilliant illustrations by the renowned Ginger Meggs cartoonist Jason Chatfield, Amy and the Wilpena Flood will have your little reader enthusiastically page-turning from start to finish.

Amy and the Wilpena Flood retails for $12.95, and is available from Australian Girl online at Booktopia

Australian Girl dolls are also available online at and selected toy and gift stores.

Quick book info
Australian Girl: Amy and the Wilpena Flood
Author: Claudia Bouma
Illustrations: Jason Chatfied
Release date: 1 August 2013
Reader target age range: Primary School
Publisher: Wombat Books
RRP: $12.95
Available from: Booktopia





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