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Which banks will help me leave my abusive husband?

Jason Bryce | 26 November 2017

In a big step forward for women (and men) who are escaping abusive relationships, some banks have now committed to helping victims untangle their finances and free themselves from their abuser more…

How to break out of your mummy style rut

Female on male domestic violence – fact or fiction?

Dr Elspeth McInnes | 10 September 2016

The question of domestic violence against men is one which is often raised with me by young women who worry about ‘being fair’ to men more…

How to break out of your mummy style rut

How to break out of your mummy style rut

Bron Sheridan | 20 March 2016

Mum life is hard! We are stuck managing the least glamorous parts of life, with the added hassle of a whole new body to navigate. Droopy boobs, saggy butts and stomach that could easily be mistaken for bread dough more…

Tales from the Domestic Violence front

Tales from the Domestic Violence front

Stephen Page | 12 March 2016

One of my first cases was for a client who lived in a caravan. She had been beaten by her husband, escaped, and was living the life of a pauper. That client was an inspiration more…

Weight loss inspiration...

5 Tips for Maintaining Mental Wellness
as a Single Mum

Clinton Power | 14 February 2016

Being a parent is tough enough even when you have a partner to share the load with you. It therefore takes an almost inhuman amount of grace and grit if you’re a single mum more…

Weight loss inspiration...

Weight loss inspiration – one woman’s story

Dan Davis | 07 March 2015

I want to introduce you to someone who took control of her life and took her health back into her own control more…

A list of cheap food outlets in the Logan - Brisbane area, Queensland...

A list of cheap food outlets in the Logan – Brisbane area, Queensland

Sent in by a mum | 28 February 2015

When I used these cheap food places every single week I saved enough money to pay off my credit card & go overseas! This is a listing of cheap food outlets in the more…

3 Ways a Single Mum Can Boost Her Self Confidence After Having Kids...

3 Ways a Single Mum Can Boost Her Self Confidence After Having Kids

Shannon Clark | 27 February 2015

As a busy mum, chances are you have had very little time for yourself over the last few years. Depending on how old your kids are, they may be demanding almost all of your attention, leaving you verymore…

How to stop arguing with your ex

How to stop arguing with your ex

Alarna Carlsson | 28 October 2014

Here are a couple of strategies to help you communicate with your ex when you are struggling to be civil… more…

Are mothers and children being silenced in the Family Court?

How to access your superannuation funds early

Grace Lawson | 19 October 2014

Not many people are aware that superannuation funds can be accessed early on grounds such as compassionate grounds or financial hardship more…

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New App to help ‘at risk’ single mums

Re-focus App | 02 October 2014

Single mum Rachel Kayrooz knows painfully well what happens when women are isolated by abusive partners and cut off from access to information, referrals and support more…

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Domestic Violence escape & safety plan

Mark Gallagher | 31 August 2014

The essential guide to getting out of a domestic violence relationship safely – and keeping safe afterwards….Domestic violence services recommend that women (or men) in abusive relationships

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The top ten 2014 Budget cuts you didn’t know about

Jason Bryce | 8 June 2014

Single parent must-know Budget cuts you were probably not aware of – if you are not afraid of the Budget, you will be after you read this Budget breakdown of all the 2014 Budget cuts and Budget changes from Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey

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Single Parent Federal Budget Guide

Jason Bryce | 15 May 2014

Your guide to the 2014 Federal Budget – spoiler alert – you may be $10K worse off next year…FTB cuts, Bulk-Billing lost, Parenting Payment Single and Family Tax Benefits frozen…..single parents told – Now it is our turn to contribute

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10 Stories of Single Mothers premier | 31 March 2014

10 Stories of Single Mothers is a collaborative production of several organisations, and was filmed to highlight the plight of single mothers and their children moved from Parenting Payment Single to Newstart Allowance when their youngest child turns eight years old

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Food additives – what are your kids eating?

Dan Davis | 12 March 2014

Food additives are a nutritional minefield. They have different roles in the food product they are used in. So you can already guess they are used in food that has been processed or a ready meal type product. Lets face it, an apple hasn’t got a label full of ingredients! more…

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Is a Pedophile targeting your child?

Jayneen Sanders | 24 January 2014

It crucial to note, that child sex offenders ‘groom’ both the child and the family. It is also important to note, that the sexual abuse of children has no social boundaries more…

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It’s back to the future for single mums as abuse and discrimination grows

Jason Bryce | 18 January 2014

As the treasurer Joe Hockey draws up plans for more cuts to family benefits, no senior government figure is willing to condemn the insulting language directed at ‘non-traditional’ families from backbench Liberal Cory Bernadi more…

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Back to school savings ideas for a single mum budget | 12 January 2014

It’s almost back-to-school time, and we’re only just getting over the financial blow of Christmas and school holidays! So how DO you outfit and stock up your kids for the new school year on a single mum shoe-string budget? more…

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Australian single parent 2013 election guide | 5 September 2013

Are you confused about who to vote for in the Federal Election this weekend? Wondering which political party is offering the best deal for single parents … more…

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Debt Rescue Myths Busted

Jason Bryce | 13 July 2013

There are plenty of companies claiming to be able to make your debt problems disappear. Understand what you are getting into with this guide to debt assistance… more…

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The truth, the facts & the fears about fat

Dan Davis | 18 May 2013

Its a word that when it comes to food, strikes fear into anyone trying to regulate their weight. And its not really our fault. A few decades ago food manufacturers caught on to some misguided information that foods had to be low in fat or fat free to be healthy and beneficial to re-correct increasingly poor health statistics more…

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Staying sane when breaking up

Stephen Page | 12 April 2013

Probably the hardest job that exists in the world is being a single mum or dad after a breakup. Having to go through a relationship breakup with all the pain associated with that – loss, being financially devastated from the breakup, and most importantly caring for children – is extraordinarily difficult more…

Family Court children..

Children are reliable and truthful in their evidence of being abused

Charles Pragnell | 10 April 2013

The legal presumption in the Courts of Australia is that the evidence given by children is reliable and truthful. This is embodied in various ways in the Evidence Acts of the Commonwealth and the respective States and Territories more…

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Things to Consider Before Starting a Home Business

Guest article | 27 February 2013

Many Single parents would love the opportunity to work from home; and while it is a great way of creating an income and being able to be with your children throughout the day, it can also be draining, stressful and time-consuming. So we’ve compiled a list of eight things to consider before starting a home business more…

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Top-Ten Christmas Gifts for under $50

Single Mum Staff | 29 November 2012

Looking for some Christmas toys and gift ideas that won’t blow your single parent budget? Check out these Top 10 Chrissy gifts for under $50! But be warned – some of these great items are going to sell-out in the lead-up to Christmas, and others will require some postage time – so get your skates on, they’re not going to last forever… more…

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Olympic Fever Could Make You Fat

Dan Davis | 02 August 2012

So the world is in Olympic mode. The UK is gripped with hundreds of different sports, some that most of us have never taken much notice of before. Even friends of mine that had no interest in the games have become entranced since the fantastic opening ceremony – women’s gymnastics and beach volleyball seem to be the most popular topics of conversation! more…

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Mindy Sotiri plays at Mamapalooza Festival Sydney

Catherine Walsh | 8 May 2012

Mindy Sotiri is a single mum who is also a singer and songwriter. Her songs often reference mothering. We asked her some questions in the lead up to the Mamapalooza Sydney festival, which is a week long celebration of mothers in the creative and performing arts more…

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Top Tips On How To Lose Weight

Dan Davis | 12 April 2012

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and that my last article didn’t put you off a tasty christmas dinner. So what does the new year hold in store for you? What plans have you made? I’m almost certainly willing to bet my mortgage on the fact that a good fair few of you made a promise to shed a few pounds in the new year more…

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Child Abuse in Family Court

Freda Briggs | 06 February 2012

When a young child discloses that she has been sexually abused by a parent or parent-figure, the protective parent (usually the mother) is in a dilemma. Police and child protection services will advise her to leave the family home to protect the child more…

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Identifying domestic violence

Single Mum Australia Exclusive!

Dr Cate Banks, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

…as the year is coming to a close and Christmas Holidays often brings out the best and worst in family situations, I’d like to give you some information that might be useful to consider about some of the indicators of domestic violence more…

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Christmas Is Coming!

Single Mum Australia Exclusive!

Dan Davis, Nutritional Therapist

I remember as a child growing up, that Christmas turned into an eating holiday. From Christmas morning through to bed time boxing day I think we were fed constantly more…

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Kaching! Apple, Google and the banks fight over our wallets

Single Mum Australia Exclusive!

Jason Bryce, Business & Finance Specialist

The way we pay for our shopping is changing forever very quickly. You are now parenting the first generation of people who will never need cash more…

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NCSMC Single Mother Conference, Melbourne 2011

Single Mum Australia Exclusive! Report

The National Council for Single Mothers and their Children (NCSMC) held their annual NCSMC Conference on 18 November 2011 at the St Michaels on Collins Conference Centre in Melbourne more…

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Food Intolerance Or Food Allergy?

Single Mum Australia Exclusive!

Dan Davis, Nutritional Therapist

It is not uncommon to be sensitive to certain foods, and it is not uncommon for a food intolerance to be confused with an allergy. It is true that both can have similar symptoms and both have a link to the digestive system, but the two are different conditions more…

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Child Poverty – Why?

Single Mum Australia Exclusive!

NCSMC Media Release

Today some Australians will wake up to a much anticipated and required increase in their pension. But for others it is a stark reminder that we are not all treated equally and our kids are some of the biggest losers more…

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Marriage – it makes no difference to children

Married versus de facto parenting study
Single Mum Australia Exclusive!

Charles Pragnell, Advocate for Children and Families

Whether parents are married or living in a de facto relationship, makes no difference to the emotional, social, and cognitive development of their children. This rather obvious conclusion has now been clearly shown in a recent research study by the UK Institute of Fiscal Studies more…

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Mediation and Domestic Violence

Section 60I certificate information
Single Mum Australia Exclusive!

Dr Cate Banks, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner

It’s pretty much common knowledge now that before separated parents can seek a court order about the arrangements involving children, they must attend mediation more…

Cheap for a reason

Cheap for a reason – The reasons I choose butcher over supermarket

Mass produced meat comes with a price
Single Mum Australia Exclusive!

Dan Davis, Nutritional Therapist, for Single Mum Australia | 22 July 2011

Sounds great doesn’t it, one for the fridge, two for the freezer. In barbeque season, the offers roll in thicker and faster. But how can it be so cheap? How can the meat and poultry be reared, slaughtered and packaged and even cooked for the final price labelled in store more…

Stock photo - Dreamstime, Juan David Ferrando

The 2011 Separation and Divorce Tax Info Links Guide

CSA tax information for 2011
Single Mum Australia Exclusive! | June 28 2011

Tax Time 2011 – The ATO has a collection of tax info links designed especially for family breakdown – has gathered most of them together on one page for easy reference and searching more…

Parental Alienation Syndrome...does it exist? When children reject a parent

Parental Alienation Syndrome…does it exist? When children reject a parent

Charles Pragnell for | May 22 2011

Eminent Child Advocate Charles Pragnell comments on the issue of whether or not there is a mental illness called Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) more…

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Breakfast: Why is it the most important meal of the day?

Dan Davis for | April 23 2011

You’ve heard the phrase, “breakfast, the most important meal of the day”, a thousand times or more I bet. I tell you what I’ve heard a thousand times, “I don’t eat breakfast”. Reasons given range from not having time, never hungry to “I feel sick at the thought of eating early in the morning” more…

Language women should use in the Family Court

Clare Murphy, PhD – Updated for | February 22 2011

Many women feel like failures because they have not stopped the man they love from psychologically abusing and controlling them
Most women who attend counselling – to come to terms with their partner’s psychologically abusive and controlling behaviours – often beat up on themselves saying: “I let it happen” and “I feel like I’ve failed” more…

December 5 2010
Latest Bureau of Statistics Australian Divorce Statistics

The Australian Bureau of Statistics have just released their latest study on Divorce. Here is a complete summary of the divorce statistics of 2009 more…

November 9 2010
Playgroup Vital For Mums Happiness

For single parents, attending Playgroup can be of even greater importance to mums themselves. Single mums from the echoed the mother-first research results. They cited that their reasons for going to Playgroup were

August 20, 2010
Federal Election 2010 – A Single Mother’s Guide

It’s Federal Election time, and there are just so many issues that need to be addressed for single mums. The big questions is which party is going to improve the lot of single mothers? It’s hard to know who to vote for. The Council of Single Mothers and their Children’s (CSMC), those tireless fighters for single mothers interests, have solved the problem by sending a questionnaire to each of the major political parties – Labor, Coalition (Liberal,Nationals) and the Greens. The last response has arrived just in time for the Federal Election and SingleMum has put together a brief summary of the answers more…

July 29, 2010
Greens support single-mother issues Federal Election 2010 Feature

In a strong show of support, the Greens have promised to back single mum policies all the way in the upcoming federal election. In a reply to the National Council for Single Mothers and their Children, who sent policy questions relating to single mother issues to all major political parties, the Greens reply was strongly in favour of supporting current single mother issues more…

Stay-At-Home Dads On The Rise? Not So Fast

July 26 2010
Stay-At-Home Dads On The Rise? Not So Fast…

Elizabeth Black

…I’d like to speak for the rights and welfare of hard-working primary caregiving mothers for a change, since they don’t seem to get much attention in the media these days more…

The Charming Killers

July 1 2010
Sociopath Fathers : The ‘Charming’ Killers

Charles Pragnell

…The sociopath is referred to in psychiatric terms as having Antisocial Personality Disorder, which is characterised by an individual’s common disregard for social rules, norms, and cultural codes, as well as impulsive behaviour and a complete indifference to the rights and feelings of others more…

4 September 2009
Uluru to Kakadu – we’re going on an outback adventure, and I’m blogging it as we go! Blog

Tired of being told that as a single mother with two young daughters (aged 1 & 3) I “can’t do this” and “can’t do that”, I’ve decided to take the bit between the teeth, grab the ankle-biters (and maybe even my mum!) and head off to the outback for a holiday! It’s a three-generation-jaunt – yikes! Planes, trains and automobiles will all be covered during our trip, including taking in such sights as Uluru, Katherine, Alice Springs, Darwin and Kakadu (maybe more, who knows where our fancy will take us?!) more…

Loving Beautiful You – An article for Single Mothers

In today’s world of the perfect size and the perfect hair and high fashion, it can be difficult to accept yourself and take pride in the beautifully unique creation you are. However, as single mothers, or even single women more

Single Mother On A Budget

…As a single mother you might groan at the thought of putting together a household budget with all your expenses, but its easy to do and will also help you become very financially organized more

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