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Family Law Forum
Parliament House, Sydney | 13 December 2010


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Justice for Children is holding a forum on changing family law to protect children and in particular whether the Shared Parenting Bill that went through parliament recently will help. AND will the proposed amendments to Family Law (draft bill open for comment til 14/01/11) help? We hope to discuss any gaps between these changes and what we really need AND any ACTION we could take to get the results we want.

PLEASE join us!


When: MONDAY 13 December, 11.15 to 2pm (strictly timed as it is very hard to get a booking!)

Where: NSW Parliament Macquarie St Sydney – the Waratah Room from

Please email your thoughts, questions, comments, etc. to Ariel here

Contact details:

Ariel – Email:

There is also a forum dedicated to this upcoming event in the Single Mother Forum for any online comments or discussions at the

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