Single Parenting Payment youngest child age raised – here’s the facts – updated

Single mum and daughter. Source: Bigstock

The Albanese Labor Government today announced a much-needed relief to Australia’s single mother families- the raising of the Single Parenting Payment youngest child age cut off from eight to fourteen. Here are the facts…

Single mum and daughter. Source: Bigstock
Single mums will now be supported for longer

Anthony Albanese confirmed the long-awaited extension to the Single Parenting Payment as part of the 2023-24 Federal Budget, bringing in the change of Parenting Payment (Single) being paid to single parents when their youngest child turns 14, instead of 8.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said, “This change to single parent payments is about making things fairer for parents who are already doing it tough.”

The Federal government is responding to continual calls for change from single mum advocate groups to relieve the financial pressure on single mum families around Australia.

Finally a government is taking  steps towards restoring the previously removed single mother pension from women – at least in the most-part – to help support single Mums and their children.

Anthony Albanese was raised by a single mum

Anthony Albanese was raised by a single mother and experienced first-hand how much pressure sole parent families can be under. He has supported the change to help relieve the financial pressure single parent families are under so that mothers aren’t forced to return to work early, when their children are too young to adequately care for themselves.

Minister for Social Services, Amanda Rishworth stated, “No parent should have to choose between meeting their children’s needs and their family’s safety or economic security.”

Here are the facts:

What is the change to the Centrelink Single Parent Payment?

This Budget will see the extension of the Parenting Payment (Single), so that eligible carers can access more financial support until their youngest dependent child turns 14.

When will the Single Parent Payment be extended?

The Single Parent Payment will change from the 20th of September 2023 (subject to legislation procedure). Single parents will be able to stay on the Single Parenting Payment until their youngest child turns 14, instead of being moved to the lower paid JobSeeker benefit when their youngest child turns 8.

What if I am already on JobSeeker?

If you are already receiving the JobSeeker Payment and your youngest child is aged under 14 you will automatically be transferred to Parenting Payment Single.

What is the difference between the Single Parenting Payment and Jobseeker?

The current base rate of Centrelink’s Parenting Payment (Single) is $922.10 per fortnight.

Jobseeker’s maximum basic rate payment for eligible parents and carers is currently $745.20.

How much more money will I get?

PPS is $176.90 per fortnight higher than the lower-paid Jobseeker.

Who benefits from the raise in Parenting Payment Single?

The vast majority of Australian parents affected by this change are single mothers. They represent more than 90 per cent of carers who will benefit. That’s 57,000 single principal carers – 52,000 of which are women.

Will there be mutual obligation requirements?

Unfortunately mutual obligation requirements will still remain in place for recipients of Parenting Payment (Single). More details to come on how this will work.

By Single Mum Australia Staff

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