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Single Mother Financial Support Links

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Australian Child Support Agency (CSA) – Child Support Payments


CONTACT CHILD SUPPORT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AFTER YOU HAVE SEPARATED. If you would like to know more about how to apply for child support and your further options, call 131 272* or visit their official website at:
You won’t automatically be registered to receive child support if you’ve told Centrelink your separation date. You have up to 13 weeks to work out parenting arrangements and apply for child support after you separate. This gives both parents time to get information, receive counselling or agree on post separation arrangements, including a parenting plan.


CHILD SUPPORT EXEMPTIONS – Call Child Support if you’re experiencing family violence (domestic violence) and are hesitant to claim payments from your ex-partner. Staff will explain your options (including a possible Child Support Exemption for Domestic Violence) and refer you to other support services.

Important information regarding Australian child support and Family Tax Benefit

Child support payments and family assistance payments are closely linked. The more child support you receive (including lump sum child support payments from Child Support Assessment outcomes), the less Family Tax Benefit Part A you may receive. Similarly, if you receive less child support you may be entitled to more Family Tax Benefit Part A. If you haven’t applied for child support, or an exemption from seeking child support you may only get the base rate of Family Tax Benefit Part A.

You need to tell Child Support and Centrelink when your circumstances change, to make sure payments are correct.

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Child Support

Formerly known as the Child Support Agency

Child Support supports separated parents to transfer payments for the financial and emotional wellbeing of their children
If you apply for a child support assessment, Child Support will calculate the payment amount based on information from both parents. You can make private payment arrangements (a Child Support Agreement) with the other parent or ask Child Support to transfer them for you.

Separated parents with children from a same-sex relationships and non-parent carers such as a legal guardian, grandparent or other family member may also be eligible to apply.

Child Support contact information

Estimate child support
Change of Assessment form
Visit the Child Support website
Call 131 272* for more information.

Child Support publications available for download:

  • The Parent’s Guide to Child Support – explains the Child Support Scheme, the services the CSA offers, payment options and your rights and responsibilities.
  • Me and My booklets – tips and hints about working out a budget, maintaining and building your relationship with your kids and looking after yourself after separation.
  • Our family’s changed and A kid’s guide to changing families – an activity book and CD-ROM for kids aged five to 12 years that will help them understand that separation isn’t their fault.
  • Are you experiencing financial hardship after separation? – if you’re finding it hard to make ends meet, this factsheet lists a range of services to help you with understanding money, budgeting and dealing with financial organisations.
  • CSAonline – if you’re already a Child Support customer, use this secure and convenient way to manage your child support online. Enrol at
  • My family is separating – what now? – an online guide to help you find your way around the Family Law System, better understand your rights and responsibilities following separation and find information on the available support services.

Download publications by visiting at the Child Support website publications page here or call 1800 040 972* to order free copies.
*Call charges apply

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Go to the Child Support Calculator page

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Go to the Child Support Enforcement page

Further Child Support Reading

Go to Child Support Information
Legal Services Commission (South Australia) – Child Support Information Sheet [PDF]
Under Australian law, separated parents (including same sex parents) have a duty to provide a proper level of
financial support for their children. The scheme provides a flexible way of ensuring that children are supported by
their parents, often with the assistance of government benefits
Go to the Legal Services Commission – Child Support Information Sheet page

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