6 Australian single parent support groups you need to join now

Single parent support groups

Single parent support groups

Of all the challenges solo parenting can bring into your life, one thing is for certain- being a single parent can also bring isolation.

When you’re parenting alone there’s a whole range of extra pressures and worries dual-parent families usually don’t experience.

Child support arrears, Family Court Orders, Centrelink single parenting benefits info and even Domestic Violence Orders seem a whole world away from normal two-parent family parenting problems. So when you feel like you need a chat, or just a listening ear you may find that your married or partnered-up friends have difficulty relating to your separated parenting problems – which leaves you feeling more isolated and alone than ever.

So where can single parents turn to for help?

The answer is that your single parent tribe is waiting for you online – you should join a single parent support group!

Australian single mum

The following online single parenting groups are the biggest and best in Australia.  Well established and moderated, they accept Australian members only, and are the top single parent online support groups in Australia. Best of all – they are all completely free to join.

1. Australian Single Mum Support Group

The number one Australian single mums Facebook group by a country mile, this twenty-five-thousand plus member group is the official Facebook-recognised community leader. It also happens to be one of the most highly engaged groups on Facebook, with hundreds of thousands of engagements each month! Here you can connect, share, learn and vent with like-minded single mums who “get” you and your Aussie single mum life. All you need to join is to be an Australian resident, and a single mum!

Definition of an single mum / single parent

For the purposes of membership of our groups our definition of an Australian single parent and single mum (or sole parent/solo parent is as follows;

An individual who doesn’t have a physical relationship with their child’s other biological parent. It is acceptable for single parents to be re-partnered and still join our groups

Join the Australian Single Mum Support Group here

2. Australian Single Parent Support Group

The biggest online Aussie single mum and single dad group there is, with over ten thousand single parent members and many Australian single parent discussions each day – be it child support, family court, child custody or meal planning! It’s worthwhile noting that this is not a single parent romance group – it’s a single parent support community.  (So don’t join this one if you’re ONLY looking for a new romantic partner online – join our romance group instead, here!)

Join the Australian Single Parent Support Group here

3. Australian Separated, Single & Divorced Mums Facebook Page

With over 40,000 Australian single mother (and single father) followers, this is the original Aussie single mum Facebook Page. This page is where you’ll find the latest Australian Centrelink, child support and family law news, plus it’s the hub page of a range of smaller Aussie single parent Facebook interest groups, including Centrelink, Child Support and House Sharing Facebook groups.

Follow the Australian Separated, Single & Divorced Mums Facebook Page here

4. The anonymous Single Mother Forum website

This Australian single mother forum website has been established for over ten years, and holds a massive amount of Australian single parent-specific information. From taking child support debt to court, to sole custody, to cooking for six – this forum is where you can find a record of thousands of anonymous Australian single mum questions and answers. Only Aussie single mums may actually join this support group, but the information is accessible to all.

Visit the Australian Single Mother Forum website here

5. Australian Mums receiving Child Support chat group

The only Australian group of its kind, this Facebook group is specifically targeted to Aussie mums who are receiving (or in many cases, owed) child support from their ex-partner. Compare and learn from each other for the best child support outcome for your children, and indeed your single mum family overall.

Join the Australian Mums Receiving Child Support Facebook chat group here

6. Australian single mum share house notices

If you’ve ever considered sharing a home with a fellow single mum family to save money, cut costs, companionship or even share child minding, then

Join the Aussie single mums seeking or offering share houses Facebook group here

Single mum support groups

10 more Australian single parent Facebook groups you’re going to love!

Created due to demand, the following four new Aussie single parent groups are bound to take off fast…

1. Aussie single mum meetups for friendship & companionship

A new group for mums that want to make single mum friends – even if your lonely when you don’t have the kids when they are at your ex’s! Join here

2. Aussie single mothers paying it forward

A new group for single mums to list items for free for other mums to benefit. Join here

3. Australian single mums who budget and save

Are you a super-savvy single mum and ready to share your tips and hacks, or are you needing some super-tight budget ideas? This is the group for you! Join here

4. Australian single mums who caravan and camp

A new single mum caravanning and camping group for those who are casual campers, doing the lap or travelling Australia full time! Join here

ALSO these State camping sub-groups:

NSW Single Mums who caravan and camp


Queensland Single Mums who caravan and camp


Victoria Single Mums who caravan and camp


South Australia Single Mums who caravan and camp


Western Australia Single Mums who caravan and camp


Tasmania Single Mums who caravan and camp


Northern Territory Single Mums who caravan and camp


5. Barefoot Investor Australian single mums

A new group especially for mums to network and learn about Barefoot Investor strategies and tips. Join here

6. Australian single mums who have been widowed

A new group for widowed single mums who may appreciate support of a more specialised kind – the loss of a partner. Join here

7. Australian single mums & dads ready to love again

A new single parent romance group for those who are ready to dip their toe back in the love pool! Join here

8. Australian single parents who holiday and travel

A new single parent travel group for anyone who loves to go away on trips!i  From planning your next weekend getaway to a domestic or international single parent holiday. Join here

9. Australian women thinking about leaving their partner

A group for Aussie women to get tips on how to leave their partner. Join here

Single parent support groups

10. Australian single mums who date or are repartnered

A group for single mums dating again, or new partner issues and chat. Join here

Australian single parent Facebook Pages by city/region

Local single parent Facebook Pages can be a great resource. Here is a list of Australian capital cities and region pages.

Join the Sydney single parent group here

Join the Melbourne single parent group here

Join the Brisbane single parent group here

Join the Adelaide single parent group here

Join the Perth single parent group here

Join the Canberra single parent group here

Join the Darwin single parent group here

Join the Tasmania single parent group here

Join the Wollongong single parent group here

Join the Newcastle single parent group here

Join the Goulburn single parent group here

Join the Mid-North Coast single parent group here

Join the Gold Coast single parent group here

Join the Mackay single parent group here

Join the Sunshine Coast single parent group here

Join the Ipswich single parent group here

Join the Toowoomba single parent group here

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Further Australian single parent resources


The huge Australian singlemum.com.au website is the original and still number one Australian single parent website, with its own finance, legal and lifestyle single mum experts addressing current issues and topics. The mother-ship for all things single parent in Australia, the singlemum.com.au network extends to encompass and reach hundreds of thousands of Australian single mums and dads. Visit singlemum.com.au here

Single mum support


An Australian single parent travel blog. This Aussie single mum shows how to go it alone and still manage to travel the world – or even just holiday down the coast – successfully as a single parent. Travel with kids as a solo parent never looked so fun! Visit the Australian family travel website Letsgomum.com.au here


You should never feel alone or isolated because of your divorce, separation or single parent by choice journey.

There are thousands of other Australian single parents out there going through the same problems as you! Why not  join forces and share information, experiences, problems – and maybe a laugh or two – and join a single parent support group? You’ll never feel alone on this single parenting journey again!

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Australian Single Mum Support Group

6 Australian single parent support groups you need to join now

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