Stephen Page, Lawyer – Brisbane, Queensland

Stephen Page, Lawyer - Brisbane, Queensland

Stephen Page, Harrington Family Lawyers Expert Opinion Panel

Stephen Page, Lawyer

Stephen Page is a partner of Harrington Family Lawyers, one of Brisbane’s oldest boutique family law firms.

Admitted in 1987, Stephen has been an accredited family law specialist since 1996. A co-founder of a domestic violence service, Stephen has been a member since 1999 of a committee for a court based domestic violence service and since 2008 a board member of a charity linking business with the domestic violence sector.

He is a member of several local, national and international family law organisations. Stephen has spoken at local, national and international conferences about family law topics.

He is a Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers, amongst other memberships.

A keen tweeter, Stephen is the author of the Australian Divorce Blog, the Australian Gay and Lesbian Law Blog and the Australian Surrogacy and Adoption Blog.

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