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Nutritious lunch box and snack ideas
12 May 2013 | The Organised Mummy


Homework = Stress…

…not only for children but parents as well!

After an entire day of being at school, most children are not exactly jumping for joy at the thought of sitting down for more study. And to be completely honest, I share their feelings. After school time is what one of my good friends cleverly labeled as ‘Arsenic Hour’! We have sport’s training to get them to, loads of washing piling up, dinner to think of and even tomorrow’s lunches!

So how can we not just survive homework, but even maybe make it a pleasant time with your children? Yes, I said pleasant in the same sentence as homework!! It is possible!
Create a predictable routine

You know by now I am the Queen of routine and organization. Having a routine for homework just like other parts of the day helps children. It can eliminate an argument if they know that come 3.30pm or 4 o’clock, it’s homework time. Homework time becomes predictable, just like tea time and bed time. It also saves you chasing them down everyday and screaming at them!

Our routine looks something like this. You do whatever suits your family, but make sure it’s the same everyday!

  • Arrive home from school
  • Hang up school bag
  • lunch boxes in the kitchen
  • homework on the table
  • afternoon tea
  • homework
  • free time

Make a chart if you have to (like my ‘get up and go’ you can see here).
Create a relaxed, comfy homework zone

We all sit at the dining table together so I can easily help all 3 of my children.

If you are busy starting dinner, put them near you so you can still help.
Supply everything they need

I collected jars (jam, vegemite, sauce etc…) and use them to store lead pencils, coloured pencils, crayons, ruler, glue, sharpener and even a jar of special textas.


Recycle jars to use for organising pencils, textas and crayons at homework time

Negotiate with the teacher

Provide plenty of encouragement and positive comments

  • Judy moody
  • Alice Miranda
  • Hey Jack!
  • Diary of Wimpy Kid
  • Kyla May
  • Tom Gates
  • Zac Powers
  • Big Nate


Some nights, let them read on the ipad for something different. There are clubs on the internet that allow children to collect and read books in a ‘virtual library’.

Can I just say as my parting comment, that from a teacher’s perspective…

…it is very obvious the children who do and don’t receive support at home from mum or dad with their homework. Please help your child! It really does make all the difference in the world to them!

X x Renee

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