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5 Best (Legal) Places to Watch Movies Online in Australia
11 July 2012 | Kristy Ramirez | Mummy Blog


Movie night has never been so easy – or cheap!

Movie going has become an expensive outing lately, and if you want snacks, you better be ready to pay through the nose for popcorn, the multiple drinks, and candy treats for the kids.

There are some alternatives to cable and satellite television though – and their expensive pay per view movies. Or renting a DVD that you forget for days to return and end up paying as much as going to a movie theatre. Or perhaps you lose the rental in a game of “hide & seek” with the kids.

If you’re trying to cut costs but still enjoy a good flick from time to time there are plenty of online websites that offer hundreds, even thousands of movies and that won’t break the bank. Some are cheap, some even offer free trials, but they all offer a great experience, especially if you have a decent broadband plan.

So, grab that laptop, cozy up on the couch (or even in bed) and enjoy a movie, in the comfort of your own home – and without it costing you an arm and a leg.

1. Bigpond Movies

One of the most popular websites that offers cheap movies is Bigpond Movies – and these are usually recent movie releases, and new releases. They require you to log in and register, but hey, who cares! The latest movies are all there!

2. iTunes

Most people have heard of iTunes movies these days, its quick, easy, reliable, and you can choose to either buy or rent a movie. Not only do they have the latest movies but also sometimes offer free sneak peeks of the latest episodes of your favourite television series as well.

3. Indie Movies Online

Here’s a free option, and they appear to carry all of the latest independent flicks. Their collection of independent films are up and ready to download – and that’s not all, there are interviews, short films, reviews and specials that you won’t find on other sites. Check out Indie Movies Online next time you’re looking for a freebee.

4. TiVo and Blockbuster

If you happen to be one of the lucky few who own a TiVo device at home then taking a look into Blockbuster on Demand is definitely worth your time. Blockbuster offers 1 free movie a week and then a small charge by the movie if you have an avid movie watching family. This is a great way to avoid the lines and hassles of making the trips to the rental stores and allows your family to go through and select the movies together in comfort instead of the sometimes daunting shelves and rows of the stores. The downside is that it does take a while to search through the movies available, but with 177 movies available at a time, your family is bound to find something all will enjoy – and you don’t have to worry about it being out of stock!

5. Hulu or Netflix (using VPN)

Although these websites are not yet available in Australia you can get around this problem by using VPN. VPN stands for virtual private network, and for $8 a month with Netflix you can watch an unlimited number of movies and TV series. Just make sure you get a decent VPN connection. Read move about the legality of using VPNs to watch movies on Netflix or Hulu here

So if you want to stay at home and be entertained, any one of these sites will give you

an evening of family movie watching that will save you money. Remember, you are not restricted to watching movies on your laptop – you can always connect your device to your home viewing system to enjoy with everyone.

Make the night special – perhaps even a Thursday or Friday night family tradition. Pop some homemade popcorn with the young ones, cosy up with your favorite blankets and enjoy the time together. Movie night has never been so easy – or cheap!

Kristy Ramirez is a frugal mum who loves to spend as much time as possible with her little ones. When she is not attending a school performance or running the errands of her motherly duties, she writes for Broadband Plan Finder, helping others get the best online experience possible.
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