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Using Your Fridge to Organise Your Family
19 August 2012 |

The Organised Mummy

There is so much technology to help us organize our lives! We have iphones, ipads and laptops. We can sync them to see our diaries on each device so we never miss an appointment or special occasion! We have every reason to be super-organized with our super-crowded schedules…until we have children at school or kindy!

If you’re anything like me, I could keep up with one child at school. We successfully got her to school in the right uniform for the right day. We never forgot her reader or library bag and never skipped a beat for show and tell. Then I had a second one at school…and a third. Then the wheels of my superbly organized world fell off.

We have every reason to be super-organized…

…until we have children at school or kindy!


I had to remember homework folders, sports uniforms, swimming bags, library bags, show and tell, permission slips, sausage sizzle money, projects and the list goes on….multiplied by 3! Aaaaaargh!! I needed a PA just to organize my kids. Don’t teachers know how hard it is? Do they not have sympathy for us already overworked mothers! (Being a teacher, let me apologise on behalf of the entire profession for the endless notes we send home demanding you to remember something else!)

Something had to give and I certainly didn’t want my kids getting into trouble because they kept forgetting things. There had to be a better way. There is a better way! It is simple, easy and will make your life oh so sweet!


I literally use my fridge as our over-sized family diary

Talking about sweet, it actually does involve your fridge! Yes, your fridge! My fridge is the organizational hub of my family. I literally use my fridge as our over-sized family diary. The beauty of this is, my children have each become responsible for everything they need to bring to school. I NEVER, I repeat, NEVER have to remind them about what they have on what day.

Again, like my other posts, I want to give you ideas that are time saving, super easy and do-able but that will make your life that little bit easier. My family diary is a large, wipe on/wipe off magnet that I ordered for $18.50. I got mine 6 years ago, when we still lived in Adelaide and it’s still going strong! It’s the best $18.50 I’ve ever invested! Or, you could even make your own, cover it in contact and presto – you have your own wipe on/wipe off diary.

There is enough room to have a line for each member of your family (unless you have a VERY large family). There is extra room for messages down the side. As you can see from my picture, I pop things like upcoming excursions or projects due, down that side. We add in library days, sport day, when homework is due, any extra curricular activities etc.. For small children who can’t read, do a little picture instead. They’ll soon know pretty quickly what each picture means.

My children check our magnetic organizer every morning. It’s not hard. After all they go into the fridge ALL the time! They know it is their responsibility to have everything they need for school – not mum’s! Not only is it taking the pressure off me, but the bonus is I’m teaching them at a young age to be responsible for themselves. One day, their employers will thank me! And I in turn, will pass the thanks on to my magnetic organizer!


Magnetic Organisers are available in every state from

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