Great educational apps for primary school students

Great educational apps for primary school students

Great educational apps for primary school students

Rachel Hahn | 30 July 2013

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Educational apps for primary aged children

are a particularly popular way to encourage learning…

In this modern age of technology, even children fresh out of the womb are being entertained to some degree with an “i-device”. Be it soothing music to encourage sleep, games to entertain babies and toddlers, or educational games, there is an app for every stage of your child’s life. Educational apps for primary aged children are a particularly popular way to encourage learning in small people with small attention spans. Most of them are inexpensive and many are even free. Here are some of the most popular educational apps out there today for primary aged students:

Animals Learn Science

Animals Learn Science is an app designed to make primary school students excited about study for their science exams. Animals Learn Science rewards kids with marine animals for a virtual fish tank for answering questions correctly. Three are 500+ questions that come straight from the primary science syllabus. This app costs $1.99.

Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics is a unique app that has been especially developed to help children learn to read and write using song. Kids are taught the 42 sounds of letters that occur in English language, as opposed to simply learning the 26 letters of the alphabet. The learning is staged to guide children through the process of merging sounds and separating large words into smaller segments. This app is not free, but you can download the guide to the program for no cost.

Maths Monkey Times Tables

Do your kids hate times tables? Try this game if your kids need help with their times tables but lack the attention or motivation to commit to study. The aim of the game is to get the most number of correct answers before all of the bananas fall. Children can choose which number they want to practise so that they can target the game to their own needs. This app is free on tablet or android.

Reading Eggs Spelling

Reading eggs spelling is great for, you guessed it, spelling and reading. The app is intended for primary school students aged 6-12. It involves pirate ship, carnival and space themed games that help develop key language skills and build your child’s confidence in reading. In particular Reading Eggs Spelling helps grow your child’s vocabulary including those tricky longer words that are daunting for the little ones.

You can try it out for free and if you like it you can purchase the full version for the specific grade level of your child. This app is free.

Word Bingo

Word Bingo is a compilation of word games that help kids practice their spelling and literacy through word recognition. When your purchase Word Bingo you also receive �Spelling Practice’, �Word Fling’ and �Word It Up’ for free. Best of all, because these skills are taught through games, kids have so much fun that they don’t even realise they are practising reading and spelling! You can purchase this app for 99 cents.

Ace Primary 6

ACE Primary 6 is a combined learning app that lets your child practice English, Math, Science, and Chinese questions. While your kids are learning you are able to keep score of how well they are doing. Math questions are free, while $0.99 gets you access to all subjects, as well as explanations for each question.

Interactive Telling Time � Learning to tell time is fun

This is a multi- award winning app designed to teach kids to tell the time in an easy to understand way. It is designed for kids aged 3-12 years and has 5 levels of difficulty that can be adjusted depending on your child’s age and skill level. The interactive clocks allow children to set the time by moving the hands and also teaches about AM/PM. Children can choose between a range of different designed clocks, complete quizzes and win reward points based on their progress. This app is free.

There are some wonderful educational apps available to help your kids learn and even enjoy the process. It’s like sneaking vegetables into fun food! They are enjoying something they may not even realise is good for them. Cheers to modern technology, because parenting just got that little bit easier.

Rachel Hahn is a contributor to Courses Direct, an Australian based website providing online education courses in a range of industries. She has a particular interest in the process of learning and how new technologies can assist in enhancing the educational experience.

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