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Health Care Financial Support

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Health Care Financial Support

Medicare is Australia’s universal health care system introduced in 1984 to provide eligible Australian residents with affordable, accessible and high-quality health care.

Medicare provides access to:

  • free treatment as a public (Medicare) patient in a public hospital, and
  • free or subsidised treatment by medical practitioners including general practitioners, specialists, participating optometrists or dentists (for specified services only)

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Medicare – Safety Net
The Medicare Safety Net provides families and individuals with financial assistance for high out-of-pocket costs for out-of-hospital Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) services. Once you meet a Medicare Safety Net threshold, you may be eligible for additional Medicare benefits for out-of-hospital MBS services for the rest of the calendar year. Also available is the PBS Safety Net if you and your family need a lot of medicines in any year

Medicare Safety Net Concession Threshold

The EMSN concession threshold is for concession cardholders. Medicare Australia will pay 80 per cent of the out-of-pocket costs or the EMSN benefit cap for MBS services provided out-of-hospital after a threshold of $562.90   per family or individual per calendar year is reached. Eligible concession cards are those issued by Centrelink or the Department of Veterans Affairs, including Health care cards and Pensioner cards
Couples and families need to register for the Medicare Safety Net, even if all of your family members are listed on your Medicare card. You only need to register once. Registration is free.
If your child is a member of two registered families, for reasons such as separation or divorce, the family that pays the cost of the medical service receives the benefit. Any out-of-pocket costs will count towards that family’s Medicare Safety Net. This is determined by the Medicare card used to claim the benefit
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Medicare – PBS Safety Net
If you or your family need a lot of medicines in a year, the Safety Net helps you with the cost of your medicines. Once you or your family reach a Safety Net threshold, you can apply for a PBS Safety Net card then your PBS medicine will be less expensive or free for the rest of the calendar year

What do I need to do?

You need to keep a record of your PBS medicine on a Prescription Record Form (PRF), which you can get from your pharmacy. Each time you have a PBS medicine supplied, give the form to the pharmacist so it can be recorded. Your phamacist might be able to keep a computer record for you, but if they can’t or if you visit different pharmacies, its best to keep your own records. If you have a family, ask your pharmacist about combining the amounts recorded for your family Safety Net total
When you are close to reaching the Safety Net threshold, ask your pharmacist about how to get a PBS Safety Net card. Once the pharmacist has issued you a PBS Safety Net card for PBS medicines, for the rest of the calendar year your Safety Net patient contribution will be:
$5.40   if you are a general patient
free if you have a concession card

PBS Safety Net thresholds

General patients PBS Safety Net threshold – $1281.30
PBS Safety Net contribution $5.40

Concession card holders PBS Safety Net threshold – $324.00
PBS Safety Net contribution – Free

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Centrelink – Health Care Card
Health Care Card entitles you to cheaper medicines and some other concessions. You may be eligible for a Health Care Card if you are below age pension age and you get any of these payments:
Carer Allowance/Payment
Family Tax Benefit Part A (maximum rate only)
Newstart Allowance
and more…

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Centrelink – Maternity Immunisation Allowance
Maternity Immunisation Allowance is a non-income tested payment to encourage parents to immunise their children

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