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23 November 2010 – Playgroup Vital for Mums Happiness Too | Playgroup Australia

Barbara Bryan of sums up the article on her own site:
…For single parents, attending Playgroup can be of even greater importance to mums themselves. Single mums from the echoed the mother-first research results more…

8 October 2010 – Single mother article
Julia Taylor | Sub Tropic, QLD

Interview regarding the challenges of being a single mother

October 2010 – Single Mother sourced
Joanna Barry | Cleo Magazine, national publication sourced single mother, Amanda Lavac, to Cleo for a working single mother difficulties and triumph story

1pm, September 20 2010 – Inadequate single parent welfare increases
Candice Anderson |
Radio 4EB, QLD

Interview regarding today’s welfare increase, with single parents only receiving half the increase that other welfare recipients are.’s Bara Bryan comments on the resulting negative effects of single parents not receiving full pension rises and the ever-increasing gap between single parents and other welfare recipients

September 08 2010
Juggling Dating and Children

Emma Spillett | Illawarra Mercury

…Bara Bryan recognised the isolation that many single parents experience after her divorce nearly four years ago. She created website to offer support for single mothers and the site now attracts thousands of users annually. The website’s forum includes links to single parent groups across the country as Bryan agrees that time in the adult world is critical more…

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