Seeking 30 Sydney kids for free bikes

Seeking 30 Sydney kids for free bikes

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Seeking 30 Sydney kids for free bikes

From: Conference Speakers Australia
23 December 2012

DEADLINE – 30 December 2012

Seeking 30 Sydney based children to receive FREE new bicycles!

Seeking 30 Sydney kids for free bikes
We run a team-building activity for corporate group, where they build a bike and think they are going to race it – then at the last minute we say “No about we donate them to some worthy kids?”. The children come in, receive their new bike and helmet, participate in a group photo of kids, corporate group and bikes, ending with thank yous & goodbyes.

Further information

Event date: January 17th 2013

Event location: A Sydney CBD hotel

Schedule: Meet at 3.45pm for child & caregiver afternoon tea/briefing – walk in room approx 4.45pm receive bike – depart 5.15pm

We prefer your own transport to take your new bike home, or we can deliver a day or two after the event.

DEADLINE – 30 December 2012

Would you like your child to be one of the 30 children getting a free bike?

How to register your interest:

1. “Like” or “Tweet” this page (below)

2. Fill out the Registration of Interest form located here

3. You’re done!

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