National Radio Program | Updated 5 July 2011 (Deadline TBC)

Media Call Out –

UPDATED 5 July 2011

Seeking people who have been or are going to court over shared parenting arrangements for an investigative national radio program

National Radio Program | Updated 5 July 2011 (Deadline TBC)

Hi there

I’m looking at speaking to mothers who have been advised not to report incidents of violence in the court room for fear of being seen as unfriendly and then the court has awarded equal time or similar parenting arrangements. This could be advice given by a lawyer, mediator or social worker. The matter could still be before the courts.

I’m also interested in speaking to mums who are still in high conflict with ex partner and whose children are in equal time, court ordered arrangements.

And cases where there has been some violence and it has been reported but the judge has still awarded shared parenting arrangements.

I hope you can help.

DEADLINE – Extended – TBC

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