Seeking a single mum families in Sydney

Media Call Out

Seeking a single mum families in Sydney

Christmas Day TV program on Channel 9

Channel 9 | 29 November 2012

DEADLINE – 2 December 2012 12:00 PM

Seeking a single mum families in Sydney

We are looking for single mother families to receive a FREE gourmet Christmas lunch prepared by 5 star gourmet Chef, Zigi Ozeri.

The families will be featured on a Channel 9 Christmas Day TV program called ‘My Christmas’ – showing how people will have a better Christmas because of the work of great organisations and good samaritans.

We have an opening for 12 single mother families receive the free lunch and be a part of the program.

You will be seen on the program (no names will be shown) and we will be looking to film you and your children enjoying a great Christmas lunch thanks to Zigi.

We will also ask you:

  • ‘what have you enjoyed about today?’
  • ‘how will this experience help you to have a better Christmas?’
  • and

  • ‘how will your children benefit from a free lunch like this (focusing on the food and community spirit in the room)?’

To help us with the overall balance of the program, ideally the children seen in the program will be aged 10 years and below.

The details for the filming:

Date: THIS SUNDAY, 1 December, 2012
Location: 86 Abercrombie St Chippendale (Sydney)
Start Time: 12pm for a 12.30pm sit down
End Time: about 2.30pm
Cost: FREE

For more about the program, visit:

DEADLINE – 2 December 2012 12:00 PM

Please respond/register your interest by filing in the
Media Call-Out Response form here by the above deadline date

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