Thank you from ABC Radio National

Media Call Out Response Thank You

27 July 2011

Thank you from ABC Radio National

Brendan King | ABC Radio National | 50/50 Parenting | 27 July 2011

I was hoping to thank all the people who responded to the media callout on your website.

Although I was unable to respond to everyone personally I am grateful to all the mums (and dad) who took time to share their stories with me.

The program will air this Sunday morning on ABC Radio National after the 9am news. And will be audiostreamed and podcast. The transcript will be available by Tuesday afternoon.

Here’s a little blurb about the program.

Legislation before the Senate now may take some of the heat out of tragic confusion over shared, or “equal time parenting”, and the role of violence in Family Law decision making. Research shows children of high conflict families, forced into equal time, are suffering. Reporter Brendan King. And here’s the link.

Thanks again

Brendan King

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