Post Separation Abuse Support Group

The Post Separation Abuse Support Group

Southern Sydney – Meets monthly for general support, information and discussion. Mutual support and occasional specialist speakers.

Topics include;

  • Post separation abuse
  • How custody decisions are made
  • Countering controlling behaviour
  • How domestic violence perpetrators act in custody and access disputes
  • Discussing the abuse with your children without risk to them or yourself
  • Proving your fitness as a parent
  • Understanding the child’s experience of shared parenting
  • Shared parenting with a hostile ex
  • Recent changes to the Family Law act and Family Law Court procedures
  • When friends and family don’t understand
  • Parenting when under stress
  • Getting good legal representation
  • Keep well during psychological game playing
  • Safety and privacy issues

Please contact by phone: (02) 9525 6808

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