Short Getaways for Time-Poor Single Parents!

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Short Getaways for Time-Poor Single Parents!

Single parent travel | P&O Cruises | 08 March 2013

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Short Getaways: The Perfect Alternative for The Time-Poor Single Parent!

We all know that when Mumma’s happy, the family is happy. As single parents, we face a few more challenges on the road to that happiness (although we also have some things a little easier!). Little luxuries like a Sunday sleep-in are treasured – bigger luxuries like a trip away from home, even more so!

If you have managed to score some babysitting time and are looking to get away from home – or if you have saved enough pennies to bring your kids for a short vacation – we have the perfect mini-trips for you! Come fly, sail, steam, drive or hike with us along the road to some well-earned relaxation, with our seven top short getaways.

With the kids

Camping Trips

Once you’ve outlaid a little bit of cash for a tent, camping stove and sleeping bags, your next camping holiday should cost nothing more than the fuel to get to your destination! Boys especially love camping, surrounded by dirt to dig in, rivers to fish and splash in, and not a shower or bath in sight. Nothing that the kids play with will require too much clean-up, and they’ll fall into their sleeping bag exhausted every night – leaving you to have a good night’s sleep and enjoy it all over again.

Holiday Rentals

If you’ve got other single-parent friends with kids, why not take out a holiday rental on the beach or hire a houseboat for a week? You’ll all get much better facilities than you could afford as a single family, plus there’ll be plenty of kids to entertain each other and plenty of other parents to share the cleaning, cooking and kid-wrangling. What a luxury!


Think that cruises are only for merchant bankers? Think again – they are actually very affordable holidays. The price of a cruise can look intimidating because most providers list an absolutely all-inclusive cost – but if you do your own maths, you’ll quickly realise that it is great value and a lot less stress than organising meals and activities yourself. Many cruise providers offer babysitting services at an extra cost, possibly even in your own cabin so that little ones can get their sleep. A safe environment with activities just for kids, no suitcase-dragging and other adults for company – bliss!

On Your Own


Going overseas as a single parent with your kids is certainly possible, but for most of us it simply doesn’t make sense to go overseas for a ‘short getaway’ with kids! However, if you have an offer of babysitting, or the kids’ other parent will be having them for a week or more, why not hop across the pond to New Zealand, or head up to Fiji, Indonesia or Thailand? These are well known as countries where you can do a lot for very few Aussie dollars – and the perspective of being overseas will give you a new appreciation of home, and your kids, when you get back.

Hotels with Kids Clubs

If you don’t need exotic activities and faraway destinations to have a great holiday, there are plenty of easy, simple hotel holidays to enjoy with a kids’ club on site. Most major hotel indexing websites allow you to search for hotels with kids’ clubs as one of your advanced search options … so you can get away without having to traipse all over the countryside.

Spa/Skiing/Adventure Holidays

You can check out tourist hotspots and hang out at the hotel with kids – so if you don’t have to take care of them on your short getaway, why limit yourself to an ‘ordinary’ getaway? Go skiing, scuba diving, snorkelling, hiking, sailing or parachuting, or simply pamper yourself with a spa getaway.

Travelling as a Single Parent

If you haven’t managed a holiday as a single parent yet, there are some things you should be aware of before you go! Keep in mind that:

  • Many advertised packages have a ‘singles supplement’. Yes, this is unfair – but there are providers that don’t charge you extra for not bringing an adult partner, and if you can’t find any, you can always get around this by simply booking your accommodation, flights, car hire and activities separately by yourself.
  • Ensure you plan a balance of activities – one-third what the kids want to do, one-third what you want to do, and one-third activities you’ll both enjoy.
  • You’ll need travel insurance, even within Australia
  • If you’re going overseas with kids as a non-custodial parent, you’ll need legal documentation
  • Pack light and make sure you book accommodation with clothes-washing facilities!
  • And the final, and most important tip … your holiday is there for fun, relaxation, refreshment and perspective. You work hard and you deserve it – make the most of it!

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