Rally for Children’s Safety at Parliament House

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Rally for Children’s Safety at Parliament House

Canberra, ACT | 25 May 2011
Single Mum Australia endorses this event


Speakers to date will include:

Several more speakers are anticipated, including parents who have harrowing experiences of poor parenting arrangement outcomes under the current Family Law Act.

Kids drawings and feelings needed – unidentifiable

It’s very important that the experiences and voices of children are a focus of this Rally.

We invite anyone who’s children have experienced trauma or feel unsafe about court imposed parenting arrangements to create a drawing or artwork respresenting how they feel, and to write a few words on another sheet of paper expressing their thoughts and feelings. They can just write their age (not their name so they are not identifiable). If possible it would be great to laminate these and either bring them with you to the Rally or send them to:

Carolin Wenzel, Public Affairs Manager
The Benevolent Society
Level 1, 188 Oxford St
Paddington NSW 2021


Complimentary Day-Trip Bus from Sydney to Canberra –We have lots of seats available!

Contact Carolin at the Benevolent Society

email: carolinw@bensoc.org.au or telephone on ph: 9339 8044

Include your name, phone number and email address
Bus will leave near Central station at 6.30am
May pick up at Campbelltown and Central Highlands (on M5 route)
Depart Canberra to be back in Sydney by 6.30pm

All welcome, and please spread the word!

For updated information as we get closer to the event, you can check back here for further updates, or join the (confidential) contact email list by contacting Carolin Wenzel at The Benevolent Society, NSW by phoning (02) 9339 9325 or visiting their website www.speakupforkids.org.au
FLYER PDFs can be downloaded here

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