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Single Parent Australia Network article submission guidelines, and terms and conditions is a website of the Single Parent Australia Network

In order to consider publishing your article on the Single Parent Australia Network it is important that it first conforms with the following criteria…


  • Qualified – Australian author’s qualified professional expertise in their subject content
  • Unique – original work of the supplying author
  • Exclusive – unpublished elsewhere on the internet (thoroughly checked in the editing process – we use software replication checking tools such as Copyscape)
  • General – absolutely no advertising references or links within the article body. A brief profile summary with one website link is permitted at the end of each article page
  • Cross-Promoted – The author is required to arrange
    a link to their published article on from their (linked) business website using a short lead-in paragraph (NOT the article in its entirety) and a direct link within 7 working days of the publish date. Links must be retained for a minimum 12 months.


  • 700 – 1,500 words (approximately)
  • Applicable to Australian single parents

Single Parent Australia Network Article Terms and Conditions

  • Any submitted material must be the original, unpublished work and outright property of the individual who submitted the material to Single Parent Australia
  • Should any submitted material include real-life events concerning any real persons or situations – should the content be applicable, if any family court situation has occurred or could possibly occur in the future, ensure that the material content is completely unidentifiable in order to comply with Section 121 of the Family Law Act. You can read more about this at the Government website here:
  • All materials submitted and published become the property of Single Parent Australia. By submitting your work to us, you are giving Single Parent Australia and its partners, affiliates and licensees the exclusive right to publish your work in any format, including all print, electronic and online media. Single Parent Australia may edit, abridge or substantially alter your work at its sole discretion. All materials may not be reproduced elsewhere by the author or any other person without written permission from Single Parent Australia
  • – Single Parent Australia article contributors are not monetarily compensated
  • This web page forms our Article Guidelines and Terms and Conditions, and must be read and agreed to prior to submitting and publishing any materials

Article submission process:

  • Submitted as plain text with no images. Within the body of an email is acceptable. MS Word documents are acceptable. PDF documents are not accepted. Html mark-up is preferred.
  • Emailed to
  • If you have not received a confirmation within 10 working days, your submission has been unsuccessful

Tips on how to get your article published!

  • We take article exclusivity SERIOUSLY. We use Copyscape to stringently check that all sections of submitted content are unique. If we identify that any content, in whole or part, is reproduced from any source on the internet, we will not accept any further submissions from that source
  • Articles specifically themed to Australian single parents, containing relevant Australian references have an improved chance of being accepted for publication.
  • Links in the body of the article, or blatant advertising tactics will be automatically rejected

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