How to Treat Common Skin Problems


How to Treat Common Skin Problems

Single parent beauty | Guest article | 12 March 2013

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most people experience skin problems such as facial acne, dryness & irritation fortunately,

for each problem there is at least one solution…

Did you know that the largest organ in the human body is the skin? Its purpose is to protect the body against environmental toxins, germs and other dangers. Because the skin plays such an important role, and because it is protecting you from all the harmful agents in our midst, it is not uncommon to see skin problems arise from time to time. In a lifetime, nearly every person experiences skin problems such as facial acne, dryness and irritation. Fortunately, for every skin problem there is at least one solution. Here are some of the more common skin ailments and ways to remedy them.


Acne can arise for a variety of reasons and is a symptom that the skin is out of balance. For young people, acne often occurs as the body begins to mature and hormones begin to fluctuate. Acne can also result from other skin conditions such as dryness or irritation. Certain medications, makeup and ingredients in skin creams can also cause acne. As such, acne treatments begin by identifying the source of the problem. Treatment products can then be used to help balance the skin. One of the most popular treatments today is to use all-natural skin care products that are free from toxins and harsh chemical agents. Products that may need to be changed include facial washes, sunscreens, moisturizers and cosmetics. A more advanced solution might include topical sonic vibrations that are applied to the skin to stimulate and reinvigorate the tissues.

Sun Damage

Sun damage is another skin problem that is very common. Most people will experience sun damage to their skin at some point in life. Sun damage is usually due to innocent mistakes such as a failure to apply sunscreen (or to reapply it often enough) while spending time outdoors. Sun damage can cause uneven skin pigmentation, irritation and blisters, dryness that leads to painful peeling and sometimes more serious issues like skin cancer. Treatment for sun damage must begin with a full diagnosis of the problem. Through photo-imaging technology offered in certain elite salons, a beauty technician can see beyond the skin’s surface to identify what has caused any uneven pigmentation and also determine where dryness or irritation may be hiding. Treatments can include applications of topical products as well as skin tissue stimulation, microdermabrasion, peels (chemical or non-chemical), light therapy and other innovative, cutting-edge therapies.

Scars and Stretch Marks

Scars and stretch marks are another very common type of skin problem that nearly every person experiences. From childhood scars that never fade to stretch marks that may occur due to weight fluctuation or pregnancy, most people have one or more scars or marks they would like to treat. Treating scars and stretch marks begins by identifying how deep they are. Some marks and scars affect just the topmost portion of the skin (mild acne scars are often in this category). Stretch marks and surgical scars often affect the skin at a much deeper level. Once the full impact of a mark or scar is identified, the appropriate treatment can be applied. Cosmetic surgical procedures such as collagen and elastin production stimulation (skin needling), magnetic pulsing by application of radio frequencies, skin resurfacing with peels and laser treatments and more can often eradicate or significantly improve the skin’s overall appearance.

Signs of Aging

Another common skin issue that adults experience arises from the very normal aging process where skin starts to produce wrinkles and areas that sag. Areas like the underarms, under-chin and neck area, abdominal area and facial area are often places where signs of aging seem more visible. Treatments today are very advanced and can provide great visual improvement to aging skin. Using arm and abdominal tucks, needling and light therapy, neck tightening and overall skin firming, visible signs of skin aging can be largely reduced.

If you are experiencing any or all of these very common skin problems, you may be ready to investigate your options for improving your skin’s overall health and appearance. Treating your skin can also improve your comfort and confidence, which is why skin treatments are so popular today.

About the Author: Sarah Small experienced changing facial pigmentation after taking the birth control pill. She recommends Facial Care by SIA for skincare treatments.

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