Smart Parenting for Safer Kids by Prof. Freda Briggs

Smart Parenting for Safer Kids by Prof. Freda Briggs

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Smart Parenting for Safer Kids
By Professor Freda Briggs


Helping children to make smart choices and stay safe

Smart Parenting for Safer Kids by Professor Freda Briggs is a practical guide for parents on how to keep their children safe from the dangers of modern society. Written by Professor Freda Briggs AO, Australia’s foremost expert in child protection, the book draws on her lifetime of experience to educate parents on how to deal with issues such as bullying, sexual abuse and developing children’s safety skills.

Combining academic research and first-hand experience, the book aims to address common issues prevalent in modern day parenting. It includes real-world examples and information on how to identify if children have been involved in harmful situations such as bullying or physical abuse; effective techniques for handling and resolving such situations; and the psychological effects such situations may have on children. Practical exercises featuring role play and hypothetical scenarios also mean parents are still able to take a hands-on approach to working through such issues with their children.

On top of that, the book’s wide scope ensures parents with children of all ages will receive advice on every stage of child development, from laying the foundations for a happy, healthy child to teaching children safety skills for dangerous situations and protecting them in cyberspace.

Smart Parenting for Safer Kids is a comprehensive, thought-provoking read which not only sheds light on some of the most difficult challenges parents will encounter when raising their children, but also provides a myriad of creative and practical solutions to resolving such difficulties.

“We teach children that goodness involves obedience to adults. Never say, ‘be good and do what you are told’ when you leave children with other people. Children will obey an abusive child-minder even when they know what is happening is wrong. They fear that disobedience will result in the minder and parents being angry and they risk losing their parents’ affection.”

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About the Author

The Late Dr Freda Briggs AO was an Emeritus Professor in Child Development at the University of South Australia and author of Smart Parenting for Safer Kids and Child Protection

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