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Author Barbara Bryan and her daughters Brooke and Samantha

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The Adventure Birthday Party by Barbara Bryan

Australian single mum blogger Barbara Bryan of the multi-award-winning Singlemum and Let’s go Mum websites has released a children’s story book especially suited for Australian single mum families.

The Book Review: Adventure Birthday Party by Barbara Bryan

A single mum family bedtime book

The Adventure Birthday Party is a children’s book written by author and mumpreneur Barbara Bryan – single mum, and founder of

Illustrated by Alina Besserman, this gorgeous easy-to-read kid’s story book makes a wonderful bedtime story book for single mum families- because it features an Australian single mum family!

Targeted towards early readers aged 3-7 years, The Adventure Birthday Party encourages children to read by engaging their interest in rhythmic, exciting text. After all, all kids love reading about birthday parties – and counting down to their own special day!

Australian backyard birthday party fun

It’s Brooke and Sam’s Birthday!

Barbara describes her new children’s book as an imaginative romp through a home-made birthday party.

The birthday party is held in what could be anyone’s Aussie back garden, and so entirely relatable to Aussie single parent families – but this doesn’t mean the party isn’t packed full of fun too!

Kids will love this colourful, fun birthday party adventure- especially because the family is just like their own, with mum being the only parent, running it all.

Throughout the story there are no continual two-parent or Dad references. This empowers single parent family kids to feel “normal”, and not somehow missing out, or questioning why Mum and Dad aren’t together – or have an active Dad in their lives.

Mum is the sole parent in this story – and that’s not just okay – it’s awesome!

Barbara said the ideas and inspiration for the content of this new children’s book came from the many themed birthday parties she has thrown at home as a single mummy for her own two children Brooke and Samantha.

Barbara’s daughters Brooke and Samantha also happen to be the two main characters that the book is based around!

This is a super-cute tale that should be on the book shelf of all Aussie single mum families.

Author Barbara Bryan and her daughters Brooke and Samantha
Author Barbara Bryan & her daughters Brooke & Samantha

Where to get your copy of The Adventure Birthday Party

You can order The Adventure Birthday Party online at Booktopia, Amazon, Dymocks, Angus & Robertson and other reputable book stores.

The Adventure Birthday Party can also be downloaded and read online using the learn-to-read Kindergo App.

Barbara Bryan of Single Mum Australia and Let's Go Mum

About the Author

Barbara Bryan is best known for being the multi-awarded founder of Australia’s biggest single mother website and top family travel blog Let’s Go Mum , a popular single parenting holiday and travel website.

Barbara recognises the need to normalise single mum families as valid, complete and happy families within Australian culture.

She believes a great place to start is with children’s books such as The Adventure Party which kids of Australian single parents can identify with – and so help them to feel included and valued in society.

Book information

Title: The Adventure Birthday Party
ISBN-10: 1925807606
ISBN-13: 978-1925807608
Author: Barbara J. Bryan
Illustrator: Alina Beserman
Price: $19.95 AUD
Publisher: Like A Photon Creative Pty (23 January 2019)
Product dimensions: 20.3 x 0.17 x 25.4 cm
Available from: Booktopia, Amazon, Dymocks, Angus & Robertson and other book stores


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