My Super Single Mum by Bronwen Fallens

My Super Single Mum by Bronwen Fallens

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My Super Single Mum
by Bronwen Fallens
Illustrated by Muntsa Vicente

Bronny and Muntsa
Children’s book
Age guide – 0 to 7 years
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In the past it has been frustratingly difficult to find kids books that are based around a single-parent family – and still less that are Australian. This excellent little story book ticks both boxes – and more!

My Super Single Mum is a deceptively simple little publication. It’s not terribly long or deep, however it evokes all the right feel-good emotions that will have you and your kids truly celebrating your little family, and just how special it really is.
The story follows a little girl who gives her birds eye-view of the relationship between herself and her wondrous super-single mum. The result is the telling of a life of riotous fun and love that any two-parent family might envy!



With it’s sweet, simple phraseology, and charming illustrations by Muntsa Vicente of Spain, this book will have you and your kids smiling, giggling, cuddling and most importantly feeling GOOD about the family that they’re in.Best of all, My Super Single Mum starts and finishes with the mantra “it’s just me and my mum, and that’s okay” – and you know what? It REALLY IS!

My Super Single Mum is a collaboration between Melbourne-born writer Bronwen “Bronny” Fallen and illustrator Muntsa Vicente of Spain. A testament to the power of online partnerships, the creative Bronny and Muntsa have never met in real life, yet together they have produced a wonderfully cohesive and engaging little tale that truly celebrates the world of the single-parent family.

My Super Single Mum is priced at $15.00, and is available from Booktopia.


About the Author

Bronwen “Bronny” Fallens graduated from Melbourne University in 2005 (BMUS) and has also studied at the Victorian College of the Arts and the University of Los Angeles, California (USA). She is now the author of several parenting books.


About the Illustrator

Muntsa Vicente was born in Barcelona in 1972 and is a Fine Arts major from the University of Barcelona. She has also studied at the Glasgow School of Art where as an artist she spent time painting, selling handmade postcards and participated in the Painting on Railings Exhibit in the Botanic Gardens. After that, she moved to New York where she discovered her love for illustration.

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