Dan Davis, Nutritional Therapist – London, UK

Dan Davis, Nutritional Therapist - London, UK

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Dan Davis, Nutritional Therapist


Dan Davis is a Nutritional Therapist based in London and Kent in the UK. Dan found a passion for nutrition after reaching a life threatening weight of 165 kilos. As well as the physical restrictions associated with a body that large, he was suffering crippling gout attacks for which he took endless pain killing and anti-inflammatory drugs, with no understanding of the causes of the condition. A constant lack of energy due to a dangerous sleep disorder meant everyday activities, such as work and driving, were heavily impaired, let alone an ability to take regular exercise. Quick fix dieting actually made the situation worse, causing even more weight to pile on. Dan had no idea his eating habits aggravated his conditions, so he lived a substandard life, in pain and constantly drained of energy. The biggest fear, leaving his son fatherless.

After years of this lifestyle, he decided to take matters in hand. A lucky break saw Dan appear as a contributer on season 1 of Channel 5’s Diet Doctors-Inside and Out program in 2006. He was, at the time, the youngest and heaviest person to appear on the series. He made a vow to the shows presenters and producers that he would lose the most in the three months of filming, a promise he kept, losing 20 kilos, and twice as much to date.

This whole experience changed Dan’s outlook and life. He expressed a wish to study nutrition, in effort to help others. After 4 years of study at the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London, Dan achieved a qualification as a Nutritional Therapist in 2010. Dan has clinic experience in all aspects of nutritional advice. Dan prides himself on his clinical conduct and of course offers legitimate compassion, as he has been on the other side of the consulting room desk.

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To learn more about Dan, you can visit his Natural Balance website.

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