4 Ways to Save Money on Nappies

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4 Ways to Save Money on Nappies

Heather Smith – Nanny Blog! | 29 March 2012


Raising your children alone often means you don’t have money to burn…

.but what do you do about nappies?

Not only are they expensive, they are also necessary. It’s not like your baby can do without them! So how do you stretch your income and save some money while still getting the nappies you need?

1. Find discounts

Coupons and sales are often great ways to save some money when buying nappies. Check out the local newspapers, flyers and store ads to see if your brand is on sale. Better yet, go online and see if there are printable coupons. Sometimes online retailers offer great deals.

2. Buy in bulk

Speaking of buying online, buying in bulk can save you money. Online retailers and wholesale stores, such as Amazon, offer package deals when you buy a lot of nappies all at once, and many places now offer free shipping. Make sure it really is a good deal before you shell out money for memberships or shipping charges however. And don’t buy so many that your child grows out of them before you get through!

3. Store brands

3. Store brands

Do not assume just because the nappies have a well-known name that they are the best. Some store brands work just as well and some even work better than national brands. Give your local store’s brand a try and see if they work well for your child. It can save you a bundle in the long run.

4. Go cloth

Classic cloth nappies have come a long way. No more safety pins and leaky plastic pants, today’s cloth nappies are designed to fit and wash well. They also come with Velcro closures to assure your baby won’t be running around in the nude any time soon. Sure, it is a little gross having to wash the nappies instead of simply throwing them away, but think of it this way: you are saving money and the environment at the same time. What could be better than that?

Your child goes through nappies faster than a chimp goes through bananas. Don’t keep throwing your money away. No matter what route you choose to take, try one of these methods to start saving money on your baby’s nappies today!

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