Our single mums group loved this mum’s letter to her ex

A single mum’s letter to her ex - Photo source: Bigstock.com

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A single mum’s letter to her ex - Photo source: Bigstock.com

A word from a single parent

Sometimes I lay awake and tearful at night wondering how I will give my children everything they need, while you, their other “parent” goes on adventures with smiles and cheers

Sometimes I miss their awards day because I have to get up early and go to work so we can buy food and pay bills, while you take holidays and enjoy care free time.

Sometimes I cry because I wish I could give my children everything lavish like holidays or movie trips without weeks planning and budgeting, while you take week long holidays in lavish places.

Photo supplied by Cassie Reid

Sometimes I have to put off birthday celebrations for later in the day because i got called into work and every dollar I make is already accounted for, while you dont even contact the children to wish them a happy birthday

Sometimes I am in need of a break to revive myself because I’m running on fumes, while you refuse to even see your children let alone have them for a night.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m doing the best I can as a parent, while you tell everyone you are a great parent but the children dont see it or you.

Sometimes I wonder if you will ever change and realise just how special these little people are, but then I remember you think you are the special one.

So I will keep working hard, to my very last breath to make sure my children are loved and supported, even though you try so hard to fight the small child support amount you are asked to contribute because you see, I AM a parent by every sense of the word, you are only a parent by word.

Photo supplied by Cassie Reid

The children know who is there for them, the hard times we have conquered, the small memorable moments, the tickle fights, the laughs, the family movies while you, you are nowhere to be seen. And you will fade from their good memories, you will fade from their day to day lives and you will fade from their hearts as you have chosen. While i build them up, show them resilience, love and support.

My children will never hear me speak bad about you, after all, I dont need to, they see for themselves. They know who has been there for their bad dreams and night terrors, sickness, first days of school, heartbreak, parent teacher interviews with no excuses, no lies, no false promises. Just a parent who you despise, yet a parent who will keep doing this every day till my last because I will never abandon my children.

Photo supplied by Cassie Reid

You chose violence and another partner so eventually I left because I chose my children and will always choose them.

Things may be tough and hard and draining but I have the best life when I wake up every day to these smiling, growing, happy children and I will mend the hurt you have caused and I will hope that one day you will give the word parent meaning not just say it.

Cassie Reid

Single mum, and member of the Australian Single Mum Support Facebook Group.

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