Single mum life hacks – How to get a kid-free weekend!

single mum hacks

The best of the Australian single mum Facebook support group

This article first appeared in our single mum support Facebook group and was published due to its popularity.single mum hacks

Self-care may seem like the impossible dream for many single mothers, but one of our Facebook single mum support group members came up with a hilarious (and many mums say ingenious!) solution to finding some single mum me-time. Read on…

Single mum step-by-step guide to a kid-free weekend!

Single mum relaxing
Self-care is the single mum unicorn
Step 1 – Don’t pay the Telstra bill
Unpaid Telstra bill
Don’t pay your bill…..yet

Step 2 – Feign sympathy that because of no internet no one can play Fortnite/Watch Netflix or YouTube

Kids going to Dads
Feign sympathy over lost wifi

Step 3 – Act shocked that Spawn 4 & 5 (10 & 13 yrs) want to go to their Dads for the weekend. (They say there’s nothing to do at Dads and internet is slow but at least there IS internet.)

Kids going to Dads
Dad has wifi

Step 4 – Pay Telstra bill on the way home from work on Saturday afternoon.

Paid Telstra bill
Time to pay the bill!

Step 5 – Watch reruns of Lucifer on Netflix.

Watching Netflix
Netflix binge time!

Step 6 – Do not feel guilty about anything you’ve done and eat as much damn ice cream as you can handle!!

Photo credit: Supplied by author
Actual ice cream gorge photo

Step 7 – If you start feeling guilty, remind yourself that you work damn hard doing this parenting gig on your own and then drive your ass to the servo for a big box of Maltesers.

Mum driving
Servo snack top-up time

Nikki Caldwell

Single mum, and member of the Australian Single Mum Support Facebook Group.

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