Single mum families & the benefits of play

A children’s playset is great for outside play

Benefits of Play – Getting Out and Active

We’ve been relative lucky here in Queensland. While other Australian cities like Melbourne are still facing harsher restrictions, Brisbane are lucky enough to mostly be able to get and about (with proper caution).

With restrictions now heavily lifted across Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba and the coast, it can be a wonder if anything has changed as kids stay glued to their screens. This can be especially challenging given the time constraints of being a single mum – smartphones and tablets can be very convenient in keeping kids entertained.

But there are ways to get kids out and being active, without having to leave the house. And we can start with the easy one – the good old playset.

Today’s playsets have truly evolved from the past into modern masterpieces. Premium materials, robust safety features and brands that are known for the utmost quality.

A children’s playset is great for outside play
A children’s playset is great for outside play

Purchasing an outdoor swing set can be a fantastic way to keep kids active, allowing you to save time as there’s no travelling involved. Better yet, it’s easy to supervise your kids in the backyard, and you’ll know their safe within the confinement of your property.

We know active play is crucial to a child’s development, which is why a play or swing set offers a range of benefits.

Some of these include:

  • Motor Skills Swinging, climbing, jumping – playsets are fantastic for improving overall balance and motor skills. These types of movements also enhance muscle development by working on core strength, while also allowing kids to further expand their kinesthetic awareness.
  • Sensory Skills There’s little doubt that your kids really want to burn some of that pent-up energy after a year of COVID, so a daily way to do this in their own yard is perfect. The motions provided by a playset such as climbing can also be hugely beneficial in calming down kids with sensory needs.
  • Social SkillsA playset usually allows multiple kids to play and interact together, whether it’s swinging on monkey bars, or hanging on a cargo net, it’s a great way to get everyone involved. Games can be made, and imaginations can grow to provide hours of entertainment.
  • Investment – You should look at a quality playset as an investment for your kid’s health and development. While they may seem initial expensive, the fact that they will last for years to come and can also provide fun for multiple children at one time means a swing or play set provides great value.
  • Physical Exercise – The main benefit of a playset is the physical exercise it provides. We all know how important it is to a child’s overall development, but sometimes it’s just hard to get your kids outdoors. However, with their very own playset right in their backyard, they are bound to use it every day, making it an afterschool delight.
Remember, a fit and active kid, is a happy, healthy kid.

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