For the Single Mom Traveling Alone with Child

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For the Single Mom Traveling Alone with Child

Being a mother raising a child as a single parent is a far greater challenge than raising one as part of a two parent family. Everything that has to be done is done by the mother. There is no break, no shared tasks. Every family needs a break from the tedium of daily life, but none more that the single mother. The problem for the single mother seeking a vacation with her child is that her child care responsibilities don’t diminish. Unfortunately, without excellent planning, they become greater.

Let’s assume for the moment that you are a mother who is raising her child by herself and you’ve found the time and the place for a much needed vacation. In order to afford the vacation, you’ll need to take your child with you. In order for you to enjoy your vacation time, you must begin immediately to come up with a plan to include the child in such a way that the child will be happy and well cared for, and you will in fact find the time to relax and enjoy your time off.

Selecting a Method of Travel

If you were travelling alone, you’d have several travel modes to select from: travel by air, by bus, by automobile, or by train. Any one of the four would probably be comfortable for you, limits on travel time and costs being the most important considerations. When you’re travelling with your child, however, another consideration is more important. Which mode of travel is going to be most tolerable for the child?

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Airline travel today requires long waits in lines for security. Seating on the airplane is tight, and there is not much opportunity or room for a restless child to work off any energy. If you want to drive your own car, then a best convertible car seat is a necessity for you to protect your child better. And believe or not, road tripping for a single mom will bring you another kind of tour experience rather than a exsausting trip if you prepared well.

Train travel seems to offer the most desirable choice. Trains offer interest for the child in the passing scenery. Seats are large and comfortable.There is usually enough room on most trains to allow for changing seats conveniently, offering the child some extra room. Most trains have a dining car or lunch counter where the child can enjoy a change of scenery. Carryon baggage is not a problem, and the seats are large enough to allow for a comfortable nap.

Train travel gives more options with regard to food and snacks. You can bring lunches, drinks, and snacks allowing the child to enjoy foods that he is used to, and there is usually plenty of room in the seats for eating. You can also move to the lunch car and eat your home made lunches in comfort. You’ll also have adequate room for a fold up stroller for the smaller child.

Picking a Child Friendly Destination

I don’t really recommend foreign travel for a single mom vacation with a child. The logistics of travel, customs, language, passports, and medical preparations are not conducive to a relaxing time. If your visiting relatives in a foreign country, you’ll have to make do, but that is hardly a vacation of choice. To minimize problems and maximize enjoyment, vacation in country.

Having said that, selecting the right destination in the country can make or break any vacation with a child. A child needs some action. Something to hold his or her interest, preferably something that will get rid of the child’s boundless energy and tire him enough to allow you both to enjoy some quiet time. Select a place that offers you interest and enjoyment participating in activities that the child will enjoy as well. Disneyland and Disney World are great examples, but there are many others as well. Of course not every travel budget allows for a week at Disney.

Children and adults both enjoy beach resorts, lake resorts, and mountain resorts. All offer activities and attractions for both parent and child. Many resorts and hotels offer child care services for a reasonable fee, giving mom a restful night out. Many such vacation areas have petting zoos which are always a draw for young children.

If You Must Travel Outside the Country

If circumstances require you to travel outside the country with your child, your trip planning will be a bit more complicated. You will have more stress travelling, and will have to focus more upon preparing your child in a manner to minimize his discomfort rather than selecting a destination to hopefully eliminate it.

Your preparations will include getting all necessary vaccinations, securing necessary passports and visas if necessary. Unless you’ve travelled extensively in the country that you are visiting, it would be wise to have an experienced travel agent plan your trip. There are often confusing legal documents and procedures required. If you’re divorced you may need legal documentation of you custody rights or a notarized document from your ex-husband giving you permission to remove the child from the country. Finally, in most cases, be prepared to travel by air to you initial destination. This may be a first experience for the child and can be traumatic if the child is not prepared for the experience of flight.

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