Single Parent Payments to Newstart Rally

Single Parent Payments to Newstart Rally

NCSMC | Parliament House Lawns | 9 October 2012


Help us stop cuts to Sole Parent Payments!

Child Poverty is no way to fund a Surplus

Respect the recommendations of not one, but two Parliamentary Committees!

Show your support for and with single mothers on Tuesday 9th October at 11am on the front lawn of Parliament House (look for the women with flowers)

The $700 million cut from Parenting Payments for Single Mothers will be felt by children on their eighth birthday.

Despite a strong chorus of concern there is fear that the Federal Government will plough forward with the legislation that will force single mothers from a parenting payment and onto the Newstart Allowance and this will occur when the youngest child turns eight.

We call upon those who seek gender equality, reduction in poverty and hardship, social justice, better child welfare, safety and human rights to inform the government that they cannot proceed with such damaging legislation.

What we know:

  • It will mostly hit single mother families who are already faring poorly and will struggle to survive
  • Over 147,000 families will be affected
  • Families battling the cost of living on $321 per week will have a minimum loss of $60 per week
  • More than 50% of single parents are already in some form of paid work
  • The rest are already required to look for paid work, and are trying to do so
  • Families who supplement their income with part-time or casual work will endure even greater losses due to very low amount that can be retained before the payment is reduced
    The Government itself has publically stated concerns with the Senate committee stating reservations that the cuts would help sole parents into paid work, and also dismissed the argument that placing all sole parents on the lowest payments was “fair”. The committee recommends that the Senate defer consideration of the bill until the Committee completes its review
  • The Joint Parliamentary Human Rights Committee found that legislation before Parliament to cut the incomes of single parent families could “deprive” single parent families and their children “of minimum essential levels of social security” and has also recommended deferral
  • In 2006 women did not know of the change until it was their lived reality with some losing their tenancy. If this legislation proceeds it will take effect on 1st January 2012 (A cruel and avoidable time)
  • In 2006 women who had fled due to violence found their safety jeopardised as they did not have the means to maintain their current place of safety and had to return to where the violence took place

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