Pregnant & single? You are not alone!

Worried pregnant single mum

This Facebook post had many of our single mum group members reacting and commenting – can you relate too?

The best of the Australian single mum Facebook support group

Pregnant Single Mamas! I got you! 🥰

Worried pregnant single mum
Don’t worry pregnant single mamas – we’ve got you!

Recently I’ve seen a few posts from some single pregnant mamas and I just want to tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!! 💜 Although it may feel like that sometimes.

I’m 30 wks and have been single since before I found out I was pregnant so I just want to share some things that were said to me over the last few months that have helped me and hopefully will do the same for you.

You’re not alone!

Pregnant divorced mother
You’re not alone

So often you hear of couples breaking up after the child is born so I thought I was the only one and honestly I felt so stupid & alone but a social worker told me it’s actually more common than you think, but society tends to not talk about it as much (hence this post!). So please know you’re not alone Mama!

Raise your child your own way

There are so many benefits to not having the ‘sperm donor’ 😅 involved, like getting to raise him/her exactly how you want.

Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed

Don’t be ashamed or embarrassed, tell people – you’ll be surprised how many people (including strangers) rally around you. If anything it’s more people because with a partner involved many assume they’ll be pulling their weight – LOL!

Happy pregnant single mum
Congratulations- you are now your own boss!

Being alone is better than being with someone so is f*ing useless and adds nothing but stress/pain/suffering to your life.

You’ll always have your baby

No matter what happens, you’ll always have your baby. You’re going to be a mum (a damn good one at that!) and no one can take that away from you – it’s the most magical, precious thing on earth.

Bad mums don’t question if they’re a good mum!

If you’re worried if you’re going to be a good mum, remember bad moms don’t ever ask themselves if they’re doing a good job. You’re already doing great Mama!

Prepare as though your ex isn’t around

Older pregnant single mum
Be independent of your unreliable ex!

If dealing with an unreliable ex try to prepare as if they’re not going to be involved – that way you don’t need them for anything and if they do come to the party – bonus! But you’re not constantly disappointed when they don’t meet your expectations and protects your mental health.

You got this Mama!

I’m still learning, trying, and struggling but I hope this helps some of you feel less alone – I know, going to those baby classes/expos etc. by yourself sucks ass! But we got this!

An Australian single mum and member of the Australian Single Mum  Support Facebook Group 

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