This Aussie single mum’s message to fellow single mums

Imperfect single mum

This Facebook post had hundreds of mums reacting and commenting – many were a relieved thank you for permission to be single-mum imperfect!

Imperfect single mum

The best of the Australian single mum Facebook support group

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“Words of support and confessions to my fellow single mums…”

It’s ok not to like housework. I actually don’t remember when I last washed the bedsheets…That’s fine. Clearing the clutter gives a clean illusion anyway. Nobody will know.

It’s ok not to like cooking. I hate it but I have to. Surprisingly, tinned cream of condensed mushroom soup makes a wonderful gravy for EVERYTHING. Also onion soup powder cooked with cream. They never fail. Fish? Oh, you mean canned tuna. Processed food? You mean, convenient snacks. Pasta and rice are my best friends. I love Aldi.

Mum is a bad cook

I do try to make her the same food she eats at childcare. If I get too creative she won’t eat. And I have to eat the same boring thing as her and eat the tasty stuff behind her back.

Yes, my daughter has Weetbix for breakfast.

It’s ok to have screen time. Cocomelon is the only way I can get ready to go to work peacefully without toddler drama. Tablets are fine.

Mum time

Omg, a bedtime routine is actually important. Double nappies at night help as well.

I get excited when I am able to sleep in but find myself awake at 0630 AM.

I get excited when I can actually go out at night but fall asleep before 9 PM.

Her favourite book is “Two Homes”. It’s about a kid with separated parents. I recommend it for those who have kids that also stay with their dads.


Dummies are fine. Formula is fine. Disposable nappies are fine.

Expensive gigantic nappy bags are overrated. Get a backpack.

I hate prams. I know you do too.

My daughter wears the same 5 outfits to childcare. All from Best & Less.

Busy mum

I also forget to brush her teeth. I always forget to brush mine. I shower her twice a week…I don’t think she has a shower when she stays with her dad…That’s fine.

I haven’t been to a hair salon in three and a half years. My make-up has downgraded from luxury to chemist warehouse. That’s ok.

I don’t think my pelvic floor will ever be the way it used to be anymore. My baby brain has never left.

Do not compare yourself with other mums. There’s one mom on youtube with 10 kids…all vegan and all wear white. She’s perfect and I hate her. Do not even try to look for her channel.

Mum fail

Child support assessments suck.

A lot of colleagues at my workplace are buying houses…I can’t relate. Most of them are married…I can’t relate either.

Being a single mum is a challenge

But I still believe I am immensely blessed and happy with my life. I wish everybody the best in their journeys. We are not here to judge each other, but to give support and make each other feel loved and appreciated.

Loving mum and daughter

An Australian single mum

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