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View information regarding the Centrelink Single Mother Pension and other standard Centrelink pensions and payments here

Centrelink Crisis Payments

View a listing of Australian Charities for
possible emergency financial help here

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Centrelink – Emergency Assistance – Social Work Services
Centrelink Social Workers help with claims for payments from Centrelink, and can help people in financial crisis who may lose accommodation or essential services. They can provide help with counselling, information and a variety of other services available in the community

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Centrelink – Crisis Payment
Crisis Payment helps you if you are in severe financial hardship because you have experienced an extreme circumstance such as domestic violence. For full details of how Centrelink can help domestic violence victims, please view this webpage

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Centrelink – Parenting Payment Advance Payment
A lump sum Advance Payment of between $250 and $500 of your Social Security payment may be available if you need some money to help pay your expenses.
Note: You have to pay your Advance Payment back to Centrelink. It is not an extra payment.

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Centrelink – Special Benefit
Special Benefit helps you if you are in severe financial need due to circumstances outside your control and you cannot receive any other Centrelink pension or benefit
You may get Special Benefit if you:
are in severe financial hardship, and
are not able to earn enough income to support yourself and your dependants for reasons outside your control, and
cannot get any other payment from Centrelink, and
meet residence requirements.

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Spouse Maintenance (Spousal Maintenance)
If you need financial help, you can apply for spouse maintanance or de facto maintenance. Under the Family Law Act, a person has a responsibility to financially assist their spouse or former de facto partner, if that person cannot meet their own reasonable expenses from their personal income or assets. You can apply through either the Family Court of Australia or Federal Magistrates Court, and the forms you use depend on which court you choose. Keep in mind, you need to apply within one year of your divorce being finalised. You can find more general information on spouse maintenance at the Family Law Courts website or call 1300 352 000

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National Bulk Debt Project
Under the law, a creditor cannot enforce a debt against a person whose only income is from Centrelink and whose only assets are basic household items. The National Bulk Debt Project helps Australians on very low (or no) incomes ensure their money is used for food, shelter and household bills by collecting debts owed by many people to certain debt collectors, credit providers and utilities, and negotiating bulk waivers. Only financial counsellors or legal aid or legal centre lawyers can refer clients to this project.
Visit their website located here:

View information regarding the
Centrelink Single Mother Pension and other standard Centrelink pensions and payments here

Contact Centrelink

This listing may not be comprehensive – it includes many of the Centrelink crisis and emergency payments available to separating, divorcing or single mums in need. Centrelink payments are added and changed often, so check with the Human Services-Centrelink website for any updates.

You can telephone Centrelink on 13 6150 for the latest information regarding immediate crisis payments available to you. (Expect a wait on hold of approximately half an hour, possibly extending to over an hour)

Alternatively, you can find your nearest Centrelink Office here

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