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National Parenting magazine looking to talk to parents who may not fall into the traditional family set-up

Seeking a single mum and a lesbian couple that have used a sperm donor
Parenting magazine | 23 May, 2011
10 years ago, a family unit meant a dad, a mum and a child. But in the past few years we as a society have matured. Women in their 30s and 40s do not want a relationship only for the sake of having babies. Because they have realised they can still be loving mothers without fathers.

If you are such a single mum or a same sex couple – who have chosen to use sperm donors to get pregnant, we would love to know more about your situation. What are the challenges you face but why you think this is the best decision you ever made?

Please contact me at with your full details, a paragraph or so on what your current situation is and why you made the decision you made and if you would be happy to share a photo of yourself to be published in a forthcoming issue of our magazine.

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